Medieval Europe Tour (July 7-23, 2007)


Photos I - Lee, Eddie
Photos II - Lee, Eddie


Medieval Cathedrals - Chow Nellie


Medieval trip - Chan Gi Shing


Lights and Shadows - Au Yeung Sau Ching


All Things Gothic - Yip Wah Ying


Aachen, Reims, Beauvais, Amiens - Lui Sau Chun


Waterloo - Lee, Esther


Beauvais - Au Yeung Sau Ching


Cologne, Reims & Joan - Chow Hing Fun


Reims, Paris - Tam Tak Chi


Canterbury - Chung, Karen


Hastings - Ko, Dennis


Ghent, Cambridge - Luk, Ellen


York - Tang W.K.


Feudal System - Ip Chee-Hau


Labyrinth - Wong Yuk-Kwan


Starting point - Mo Kee-Lun


Medieval England - Ho W.K. Vincent


Medieval Europe - Chan Manson


Medieval England - Lau Maria (pdf)


Chaucer - Lee Pauline (pdf)


A clearer picture of the Middle Ages - Chan Hing Pong (pdf)


Reflections on the Medieval trip - Fr. Lee Louis


Europeans and religious culture - Chan Burton


Medieval Cathedrals - Lau Sharon


Brugge - Tang Fannie


Impressions - Lai Betsy


York - Tang WK & Kam Helen (pdf)