[Flower logo of the Medieval History Course] CRS 2147: Pilgrimage and Culture

This course aims at a study of pilgrim's journey in different religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Daoism and popular Chinese religions. It will focus upon how experiences of sacred site and sacred time will generate meanings that affect individual enlightenment as well as cultural transformation. As a comparative approach to pilgrimages, this course will cover materials such as myths, legends, architecture, texts, and reports of pilgrim's journey.The expected outcome is the ability to understand what people will react in front of sacredness and acquire a tolerant attitude towards life.


Teacher: Louis Keloon HA
Teaching Assistant: Li Lili
Venue: Esther Lee Bldg. 205
Date: Sept. 11 - Dec. 4, 2009 (Fridays)
Time: 09:30 - 11:30
Medium: Cantonese

A Project-based Course
(student-initiative, -relevant, -participation)
    1. Sep 11 - Sacredness: intention, process and destination - project planning

    2. Sep 18 - Pilgrimage in theory and practice: Reading materials

    3. Sep 25 - Outstanding pilgrims and sacred places: Reading materials

    4. Oct 02 - Project methodology and planning (presentation of project title in groups of five ): Reading materials

    5. Oct 09 - Pilgrimage in Christian culture: Santiago de Compostela

    6. Oct 16 - Pilgrimage in Buddhist culture - by Ven. JUE Yu (覺毓法師)

    7. Oct 23 - Pilgrimage in Hinduism - by Prof. Ken Valpey

    8. Oct 30 - 「山不在高,有仙則名」:洞天福地與道教聖山 - by Prof. YAU Chi On (游子安 教授)

    9. Oct 31 - One-day fieldtrip [compulsory]

    10. (Nov 06 - no meeting)

    11. Nov 13 - meeting of project groups - reflections (field-trip report - 1,500 words)

    12. Nov 20 - meeting of project groups - (special speaker: 曾永泉 - Peter Tsang |:-> outline)

    13. Nov 27 - Group Project presentation + project report by small groups (4,000 words)

    14. Dec 04 - Evaluation, grading, follow-up [points] (Learning diary and result of personal learning - 3,000 words)


Reference materials:

Due dates for CRS 2147 Assignments

Nov. 13 - Field trip report (1,500 words)
Nov. 27 - Project report (2,000 words)
Dec. 04 - Learning diary and result of personal learning (3,000 words)

Guidelines on proper use of source material

Proper use of online resources

Citation styles

Declaration to be included in assignments


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