Pilgrimage and the sacred sites – by Peter Tsang


Chants from the Pilgrimage to Santiago (five minutes)


   1. motivations of pilgrimage

   2. pilgrims and the sacred sites

   3. the control of space

   4. the search of the holy places

   5. the cult of saints

   6. the relics

   7. the images

   8. eschatologie and memoir

   9. the pilgrims’ gestures and universe (their dreams)

  10. the urge to fight (enemies and satans)

  11. the sacred presence of the places

  12. the sacred objects

  13. the “company” of the pilgrims

  14. the pilgrimage:  collective exercises

  15. forms of participations


 “How to listen to Gregorian chants”  by the Abbey of Solemnes