Fourth conjugation verbs

* Regular verbs (aud-io audīre audiv-i audit-um)
* Deponent verbs (demol-ior demolīri demolit-us sum )

* Regular verbs
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aud-io audīre audiv-i audit-um - hear/listen to - w acc/inf {ind stat.}
abligurr-io abligurrīre abligurriv-i abligurrit-um - spend extravagantly
absil-io absilīre absilu-i absult-um - spring away
acc-io accīre acciv-i accit-um - summon/procure
adaper-io adaperīre adaperu-i adapert-um - throw open
adsent-io adsentīre adsens-i adsens-um - agree/approve
adserv-io adservīre adserviv-i adservit-um - assist
adsil-io adsilīre adsilu-i adsult-um - leap at or on to
adven-io advenīre adven-i advent-um - reach/arrive/come to
amb-io ambīre ambiv-i ambit-um - go round/encircle/court for a favour
amb-io ambīre ambiv-i ambit-um - go round/encircle/court for a favour
amic-io amicīre amicu-i amict-um - clothe/cover
anteven-io antevenīre anteven-i antevent-um - anticipate/surpass
aper-io aperīre aperu-i apert-um - open
asc-io ascīre asciv-i ascit-um - admit
blat-io blatīre blativ-i blatit-um - babble
comper-io comperīre comperu-i compert-um - find out/learn
consent-io consentīre consens-i consens-um - agree/conspire
conven-io convenīre conven-i convent-um - meet/assemble/gather/be acceptable
custod-io custodīre custodiv-i custodit-um - guard
devinc-io devincīre devinx-i devinct-um - bind fast, tie up
dorm-io dormīre dormiv-i dormit-um - sleep [int]
esur-io esurīre esuriv-i esurit-um - be hungry [int]/ hunger for [tr]
even-io evenīre even-i event-um - come out forth/came to pass/happen
exaud-io exaudīre exaudiv-i exaudit-um - hear from a distance
fin-io finīre finiv-i finit-um - bound/limit/restrain/define/end/finish/complete/ fi
fulc-io fulcīre fuls-i fult-um - prop/support/secure
haur-io haurīre hauriv-i haurit-um - drain
immun-io immunīre immuniv-i immunit-um - strengthen
imped-io impedīre impediv-i impedit-um - hinder/entangle/embarrass/obstruct/prevent [fig]
inven-io invenīre inven-i invent-um - come upon/find
moll-io mollīre molliv-i mollit-um - soften
mun-io munīre muniv-i munit-um - fortify/strengthen/protect/build
nesc-io nescīre nesciv-i nescit-um - not know/be ignorant of/be unable - w acc/inf {indstat
oper-io operīre operu-i opert-um - cover
part-io partīre partiv-i partit-um - share/distribute/divide
partur-io parturīre parturiv-i - - be in labor/bring forth/produce/be pregnant with/ready to give birth
perven-io pervenīre perven-i pervent-um - arrive (at)/reach
prosil-io prosilīre prosilu-i prosult-um - jump up/spring forward/spurt
pun-io punīre puniv-i punit-um - punish
reper-io reperīre reperu-i repert-um - discover
reven-io revenīre reven-i revent-um - come back/return
saep-io saepīre saepiv-i saepit-um - hedge in
saev-io saevīre saeviv-i saevit-um - be fierce/be furious/rage/rave
sal-io salīre salu-i salt-um - dance
sanc-io sancīre sanx-i sanct-um - hallow
sarc-io sarcīre sars-i sart-um - patch
sc-io scīre sciv-i scit-um - know/have skill in/know how to - w acc/inf
sent-io sentīre sens-i sens-um - feel/realise - w acc/inf {ind statement}
sepel-io sepelīre sepeliv-i sepult-um - bury
serv-io servīre serviv-i servit-um - be a slave/serve/be of use to/be good for [w dat in
sit-io sitīre sitiv-i sitit-um - be thirsty/parched [int]/ hirst for/covet [tr]
sop-io sopīre sopiv-i sopit-um - deprive of sense/stun/put to sleep/make unconscious
ven-io venīre ven-i vent-um - come/come about/happen
vest-io vestīre vestiv-i vestit-um - clothe/dress/cover/adorn
vinc-io vincīre vinx-i vinct-um - bind

* Deponent verbs
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demol-ior demolīri demolit-us sum - pull down/destroy
admet-ior admetīri admens-us sum - measure out
ador-ior adorīri adort-us sum - accost/attack/set about
amol-ior amolīri amolit-us sum - remove
bland-ior blandīri blandit-us sum - coax/caress/flatter/pay compliments/please/entice
commet-ior commetīri commens-us sum - measure
commol-ior commolīri commolit-us sum - set in motion
dilarg-ior dilargīri dilargit-us sum - give way liberally
dimet-ior dimetīri dimens-us sum - measure out
exper-ior experīri expert-us sum - try
larg-ior largīri largit-us sum - bestow
mol-ior molīri molit-us sum - labour at/plan/build/undertake/devise
opper-ior opperīri oppert-us sum - wait for
ord-ior ordīri ors-us sum - begin
or-ior orīri ort-us sum - arise
permet-ior permetīri permens-us sum - measure out/traverse
praemol-ior praemolīri praemolit-us sum - prepare thoroughly
remet-ior remetīri remens-us sum - measure again/go back over
remol-ior remolīri remolit-us sum - heave back
sort-ior sortīri sortit-us sum - draw or cast lots/obtain by lot/distribute/share
subor-ior suborīri subort-us sum - spring up in succession
subsort-ior subsortīri subsortit-us sum - choose as a substitute by lot