First conjugation verbs

* Regular verbs (am-ō, amāre, amāv-i, amāt-um)
* Deponent verbs (admir-or admirāri admirat-us sum)

* * *

* Regular verbs
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am-ō amāre amāv-i amāt-um - love
abalien-o abalienāre abalienav-i abalienat-um - dispose of/remove/estrange
abdic-o abdicāre abdicav-i abdicat-um - disown/resign - se... adbidate
aberr-o aberrāre aberrav-i aberrat-um - stray/deviate/have respite
abiur-o abiurāre abiurav-i abiurat-um - deny on oath
abneg-o abnegāre abnegav-i abnegat-um - refuse
abund-o abundāre abundav-i abundat-um - overflow/abound/be rich in
acceler-o accelerāre accelerav-i accelerat-um - hasten
acclin-o acclināre acclinav-i acclinat-um - lean against/incline towards
accomod-o accomodāre accomodav-i accomodat-um - fit/put on/adjust/bring to/apply
accumul-o accumulāre accumulav-i accumulat-um - pile up/amass/load
accur-o accurāre accurav-i accurat-um - attend to
accus-o accusāre accusav-i accusat-um - accuse
actit-o actitāre actitav-i actitat-um - plead/act often
adaequ-o adaequāre adaequav-i adaequat-um - make equal/level/equal/match/be equal
adam-o adamāre adamav-i adamat-um - fall in love with
adaqu-o adaquāre adaquav-i adaquat-um - water (plants, animals)/fetch water
addubit-o addubitāre addubitav-i addubitat-um - be in doubt/question
adfect-o adfectāre adfectav-i adfectat-um - aspire to/aim at/try to win over/make pretence of
adfirm-o adfirmāre adfirmav-i adfirmat-um - declare/confirm
adflict-o adflictāre adflictav-i adflictat-um - harass/distress
adglomer-o adglomerāre adglomerav-i adglomerat-um - add on
adglutin-o adglutināre adglutinav-i adglutinat-um - stick on
adgreg-o adgregāre adgregav-i adgregat-um - add/attach
adiudic-o adiudicāre adiudicav-i adiudicat-um - award/ascribe
adiur-o adiurāre adiurav-i adiurat-um - swear/swear by
adiut-o adiutāre adiutav-i adiutat-um - help
adiuv-o adiuvāre adiuvav-i adiuvat-um - help/encourage
adlect-o adlectāre adlectav-i adlectat-um - entice
adleg-o adlegāre adlegav-i adlegat-um - despatch/commission/mention
adlev-o adlevāre adlevav-i adlevat-um - lift up/comfort/weaken
adlig-o adligāre adligav-i adligat-um - tie up/bind/lay under an obligation
administr-o administrāre administrav-i administrat-um - manage/govern
adopt-o adoptāre adoptav-i adoptat-um - choose/adopt
ador-o adorāre adorav-i adorat-um - call upon/entreat/supplicate/implore
adorn-o adornāre adornav-i adornat-um - get ready
adserv-o adservāre adservav-i adservat-um - watch carefully/keep/preserve
adst-o adstāre adstet-i adstat-um - stand near/stand up/assist
adsult-o adsultāre adsultav-i adsultat-um - jump/attack
adul-o adulāre adulav-i adulat-um - flatter/fawn upon/kow tow
adulter-o adulterāre adulterav-i adulterat-um - commit adultery/falsify
adumbr-o adumbrāre adumbrav-i adumbrat-um - sketck/represent/copy
advect-o advectāre advectav-i advectat-um - carry frequently
advent-o adventāre adventav-i adventat-um - come nearer and nearer/advance rapidly
advoc-o advocāre advocav-i advocat-um - summon/call in the assistance of
advolv-o advolvāre advolvav-i advolvat-um - roll to/prostrate
aedific-o aedificāre aedificav-i aedificat-um - build
aegrot-o aegrotāre aegrotav-i aegrotat-um - be ill
aequ-o aequāre aequav-i aequat-um - make equal/level/compare/equal
aequiper-o aequiperāre aequiperav-i aequiperat-um - compare/equal
aestim-o aestimāre aestimav-i aestimat-um - determine the value of/estimate/appraise
+aestu-o aestuāre aestuav-i aestuat-um - to rage
aetern-o aeternāre aeternav-i aeternat-um - immortalise
agger-o aggerāre aggerav-i aggerat-um - pile up/increase
agit-o agitāre agitav-i agitat-um - move/chase/agitate/excite/persecute/ridicule/live
alien-o alienāre alienav-i alienat-um - transfer property/alienate/estrange/derange (the mi
altern-o alternāre alternav-i alternat-um - do by turns/alternate
amand-o amandāre amandav-i amandat-um - send away
+ambul-o ambulāre ambulav-i ambulat-um - walk
ampli-o ampliāre ampliav-i ampliat-um - enlarge/adjourn (law)
amplific-o amplificāre amplificav-i amplificat-um - increase/enlarge (upon rhetorically)
amput-o amputāre amputav-i amputat-um - cut off/prune/lop off
angust-o angustāre angustav-i angustat-um - make narrow
anhel-o anhelāre anhelav-i anhelat-um - breathe hard/pant/exhale
anim-o animāre animav-i animat-um - animate/give a certain temperament to
antest-o antestāre antestav-i antestat-um - excel/distinguish oneself
anticip-o anticipāre anticipav-i anticipat-um - take before/anticipate
appar-o apparāre apparav-i apparat-um - prepare/provide
appell-o appellāre appellav-i appellat-um - call
applic-o applicāre applicav-i applicat-um - attach/place close to/steer/devote attention to
applor-o applorāre applorav-i applorat-um - deplore
apport-o apportāre apportav-i apportat-um - bring/carry to
approb-o approbāre approbav-i approbat-um - approve/prove/perform to someones satisfaction
approper-o approperāre approperav-i approperat-um - hasten/hurry up
appropinqu-o appropinquāre appropinquav-i appropinquat-um - approach (with ad)
apt-o aptāre aptav-i aptat-um - fit/put on/adapt/prepāre equipment
ar-o arāre arav-i arat-um - plough
ariet-o arietāre arietav-i arietat-um - butt/strike hard
arm-o armāre armav-i armat-um - arm
art-o artāre artav-i artat-um - compress/curtail
articul-o articulāre articulav-i articulat-um - articulate
aspect-o aspectāre aspectav-i aspectat-um - look at/gaze at/pay heed to
asper-o asperāre asperav-i asperat-um - roughen/sharpen/exasperate
aspir-o aspirāre aspirav-i aspirat-um - breathe/blow/favour/aspire/attain to/instil
asport-o asportāre asportav-i asportat-um - carry off
assimil-o assimilāre assimilav-i assimilat-um - make like/compare/imitate/copy
attempt-o attemptāre attemptav-i attemptat-um - test/try/tamper with/attack
attent-o attentāre attentav-i attentat-um - test/try/tamper with/attack
attenu-o attenuāre attenuav-i attenuat-um - weaken/reduce/diminish/humble
atton-o attonāre attonav-i attonat-um - stupefy
attrect-o attrectāre attrectav-i attrectat-um - touch/handle/appropriate
auctit-o auctitāre auctitav-i auctitat-um - greatly increase
aucup-o aucupāre aucupav-i aucupat-um - watch for
augur-o augurāre augurav-i augurat-um - take auguries/consecrate/forebode
auscult-o auscultāre auscultav-i auscultat-um - listen to/overhear
autum-o autumāre autumav-i autumat-um - assert
averrunc-o averruncāre averruncav-i averruncat-um - avert
baptiz-o baptizāre baptizav-i baptizat-um - baptise
basi-o basiāre basiav-i basiat-um - kiss
be-o beāre beav-i beat-um - gladden/bless/enrich
bell-o bellāre bellav-i bellat-um - fight/wage war
cac-o cacāre cacav-i cacat-um - defacate
cacumin-o cacumināre cacuminav-i cacuminat-um - make pointed
caec-o caecāre caecav-i caecat-um - blind/make obscure
cael-o caelāre caelav-i caelat-um - engrave/carve/compose
cal-o calāre calav-i calat-um - convoke
calc-o calcāre calcav-i calcat-um - tread/trample upon/spurn
calig-o caligāre caligav-i caligat-um - steam/reek/darken/be gloomy/misty/dim
cant-o cantāre cantav-i cantat-um - sing/play/recite/celebrate/use magic spells
capt-o captāre captav-i captat-um - try to catch/chase/court/watch for/deceive/trap
carnific-o carnificāre carnificav-i carnificat-um - behead/mutilate
cass-o cassāre cassav-i cassat-um - shake
castig-o castigāre castigav-i castigat-um - corect/punish/reprove/restain
castr-o castrāre castrav-i castrat-um - castrate/weaken
cav-o cavāre cavav-i cavat-um - hollow/excavate
cel-o celāre celav-i celat-um - hide/conceal/keep secret
celebr-o celebrāre celebrav-i celebrat-um - crowd/frequent/repeat/practise/celebrate/glorify
celer-o celerāre celerav-i celerat-um - quicken/ make haste
cen-o cenāre cenav-i cenat-um - dine
cert-o certāre certav-i certat-um - fight/contend/compete/struggle/battle
cess-o cessāre cessav-i cessat-um - tarry/stop/delay/be idle/rest/do nothing
circin-o circināre circinav-i circinat-um - circle through
circumcurs-o circumcursāre circumcursav-i circumcursat-um - run about
circumd-o circumdāre circumded-i circumdat-um - put round/surround/enclose
circumlig-o circumligāre circumligav-i circumligat-um - tie to/bind round
circumplic-o circumplicāre circumplicav-i circumplicat-um - wind around
circumson-o circumsonāre circumsonav-i circumsonat-um - resound on all sides/fill with sound
circumspect-o circumspectāre circumspectav-i circumspectat-um - look all round/search anxiously/be on the lookout
circumst-o circumstāre circumstet-i circumstat-um - stand round/besiege/encompass
circumton-o circumtonāre circumtonav-i circumtonat-um - thunder about
circumvall-o circumvallāre circumvallav-i circumvallat-um - blockade/beset
circumvel-o circumvelāre circumvelav-i circumvelat-um - envelop
circumvol-o circumvolāre circumvolav-i circumvolat-um - fly round
cit-o citāre citav-i citat-um - set in motion/rouse/call by name/appeal to/cite/men
clam-o clamāre clamav-i clamat-um - shout/cry/call upon/proclaim w acc/inf
clar-o clarāre clarav-i clarat-um - illuminate/explain/make famous
coacerv-o coacervāre coacervav-i coacervat-um - heap/accumulate
coact-o coactāre coactav-i coactat-um - force
coaedific-o coaedificāre coaedificav-i coaedificat-um - build on
coaequ-o coaequāre coaequav-i coaequat-um - make equal/bring down to the same level
coagment-o coagmentāre coagmentav-i coagmentat-um - glue/join together
coagul-o coagulāre coagulav-i coagulat-um - coagulate
coangust-o coangustāre coangustav-i coangustat-um - restrict
coart-o coartāre coartav-i coartat-um - compress/abridge
coept-o coeptāre coeptav-i coeptat-um - begin/attempt
cogit-o cogitāre cogitav-i cogitat-um - think/ponder over/imagine/plan/intend w acc-inf
cohabit-o cohabitāre cohabitav-i cohabitat-um - live with
collax-o collaxāre collaxav-i collaxat-um - make porous
collig-o colligāre colligav-i colligat-um - bind together/tie/connect/restrain
colloc-o collocāre collocav-i collocat-um - place/set/situate/arrange
collocuplet-o collocupletāre collocupletav-i collocupletat-um - enrich
collustr-o collustrāre collustrav-i collustrat-um - light up/survey
color-o colorāre colorav-i colorat-um - colour/tan
comit-o comitāre comitav-i comitat-um - accompany
commacul-o commaculāre commaculav-i commaculat-um - stain/defile
comme-o commeāre commeav-i commeat-um - pass to and fro/go or come often
commemor-o commemorāre commemorav-i commemorat-um - recall/remind/mention/relate
commend-o commendāre commendav-i commendat-um - entrust/commit/recommend
commet-o commetāre commetav-i commetat-um - go often
commigr-o commigrāre commigrav-i commigrat-um - remove/migrate
commod-o commodāre commodav-i commodat-um - adjust/adapt/give/lend/oblige with
commonstr-o commonstrāre commonstrav-i commonstrat-um - point out
communic-o communicāre communicav-i communicat-um - shāre (by giving/receiving)/impart/communicate
commut-o commutāre commutav-i commutat-um - change/exchange/interchange
compar-o comparāre comparav-i comparat-um - couple together/match/prepare/obtain/establish/proc
compell-o compellāre compellav-i compellat-um - call/address/reproach
compens-o compensāre compensav-i compensat-um - balance against/make up for
compil-o compilāre compilav-i compilat-um - pillage
complan-o complanāre complanav-i complanat-um - level/raze to the ground
complor-o complorāre complorav-i complorat-um - mourn for
comport-o comportāre comportav-i comportat-um - collect/bring in
comprob-o comprobāre comprobav-i comprobat-um - prove/make good/approve
comput-o computāre computav-i computat-um - reckon/number
concav-o concavāre concavav-i concavat-um - curve
concelebr-o concelebrāre concelebrav-i concelebrat-um - frequent/fill/enliven/pursue eagerly/make knownl
concert-o concertāre concertav-i concertat-um - fight/dispute
concess-o concessāre concessav-i concessat-um - stop/loiter
concinn-o concinnāre concinnav-i concinnat-um - arrange/bring about/produce/(w abl) make
concit-o concitāre concitav-i concitat-um - move rapidly/bestir/hurl/urge/rouse/impel/stir up
conclam-o conclamāre conclamav-i conclamat-um - shout/exclaim/call to help
concord-o concordāre concordav-i concordat-um - agree/be in harmony
concrem-o concremāre concremav-i concremat-um - burn
concruci-o concruciāre concruciav-i concruciat-um - torture
conculc-o conculcāre conculcav-i conculcat-um - trample under foot/treat with contempt
concur-o concurāre concurav-i concurat-um - take cāre of
concurs-o concursāre concursav-i concursat-um - collide/rush travel about
condecor-o condecorāre condecorav-i condecorat-um - enhance
condemn-o condemnāre condemnav-i condemnat-um - condemn/sentence/blame/censure
condens-o condensāre condensav-i condensat-um - compress/move close together
condon-o condonāre condonav-i condonat-um - give/present/deliver up/remit (debt)/pardon/let off
conduplic-o conduplicāre conduplicav-i conduplicat-um - double
condur-o condurāre condurav-i condurat-um - make very hard
confirm-o confirmāre confirmav-i confirmat-um - make firm/make strong/establish/strengthen
confisc-o confiscāre confiscav-i confiscat-um - confiscate
confl-o conflāre conflav-i conflat-um - ignite/inflame (passion)/melt down/produce/procure
conflagr-o conflagrāre conflagrav-i conflagrat-um - burn/be ablaze
conflict-o conflictāre conflictav-i conflictat-um - strike down/contend with/fight/be harrassed
conform-o conformāre conformav-i conformat-um - shape/fashion
confric-o confricāre confricav-i confricat-um - rub well
confut-o confutāre confutav-i confutat-um - keep from boiling over/repress/silence/confute
congel-o congelāre congelav-i congelat-um - freeze/harden
congemin-o congemināre congeminav-i congeminat-um - double
conglaci-o conglaciāre conglaciav-i conglaciat-um - freeze up
conglob-o conglobāre conglobav-i conglobat-um - make round/mass together
conglomer-o conglomerāre conglomerav-i conglomerat-um - roll up
conglutin-o conglutināre conglutinav-i conglutinat-um - glue/cement/join/weld together/contrive
congraec-o congraecāre congraecav-i congraecat-um - squander on luxury
congreg-o congregāre congregav-i congregat-um - collect/assemble/unite
coniect-o coniectāre coniectav-i coniectat-um - infer/conjecture/guess
coniug-o coniugāre coniugav-i coniugat-um - form (a friendship)
coniur-o coniurāre coniurav-i coniurat-um - conspire/plot/take an oath
conquass-o conquassāre conquassav-i conquassat-um - shake/upset/shatter
consalut-o consalutāre consalutav-i consalutat-um - greet/hail
consceler-o conscelerāre conscelerav-i conscelerat-um - disgrace
consecr-o consecrāre consecrav-i consecrat-um - dedicate/consecrate/deify/devote/immortalise
conserv-o conservāre conservav-i conservat-um - preserve/save/keep
consider-o considerāre considerav-i considerat-um - look at/inspect/consider/contemplate
consign-o consignāre consignav-i consignat-um - sela/sign/attest/vouch for/record/register
consoci-o consociāre consociav-i consociat-um - share/associate/unite
consomni-o consomniāre consomniav-i consomniat-um - dream about
conson-o consonāre consonav-i consonat-um - resound/accord
conspir-o conspirāre conspirav-i conspirat-um - agree/unite/plot/conspire/sound together (music)
conspurc-o conspurcāre conspurcav-i conspurcat-um - pollute
consput-o consputāre consputav-i consputat-um - spit upon
const-o constāre constet-i constat-um - stand together/agree/correspond/stand firm/remain c
constern-o consternāre consternav-i consternat-um - startle/stampede/alarm/throw into confusion
constip-o constipāre constipav-i constipat-um - crowd together
consud-o consudāre consudav-i consudat-um - sweat profusely
consult-o consultāre consultav-i consultat-um - deliberate/reflect/consult/{w dat} consult the inte
consumm-o consummāre consummav-i consummat-um - sum up/complete/perfect
contamin-o contamināre contaminav-i contaminat-um - defile/mar/spoil
contemer-o contemerāre contemerav-i contemerat-um - defile
contempl-o contemplāre contemplav-i contemplat-um - look at/observe/contemplate
copul-o copulāre copulav-i copulat-um - couple/join/unite/associate
coron-o coronāre coronav-i coronat-um - crown/encircle
cre-o creāre creav-i creat-um - create/bear/give birth to
+crep-o crepāre crepu-i crepit-um - creak/rattle/snap fingers
+cub-o cubāre cubav-i cubat-um - lie down
culp-o culpāre culpav-i culpat-um - blame
cur-o curāre curav-i curat-um - take cāre of
damn-o damnāre damnav-i damnat-um - condemn
dealb-o dealbāre dealbav-i dealbat-um - whiten
declar-o declarāre declarav-i declarat-um - make known/announce/reveal
delect-o delectāre delectav-i delectat-um - delight/please/allure/attract/charm/entertain
demonstr-o demonstrāre demonstrav-i demonstrat-um - show
deplor-o deplorāre deplorav-i deplorat-um - weep for/mourn/despair of
deriv-o derivāre derivav-i derivat-um - lead off/turn away/derive/divert/bring/transfer
desider-o desiderāre desiderav-i desiderat-um - long for/miss
desper-o desperāre desperav-i desperat-um - despair
destill-o destillāre destillav-i destillat-um - drop down/distil
devor-o devorāre devorav-i devorat-um - devour/swallow/engulf endure (trouble) patiently
disput-o disputāre disputav-i disputat-um - discuss
dissimul-o dissimulāre dissimulav-i dissimulat-um - dissemble or keep secret
d-o dāre ded-i dat-um - give
dom-o domāre domav-i domat-um - tame/break in/conquer
don-o donāre donav-i donat-um - present/bestow/remit/condone
dubit-o dubitāre dubitav-i dubitat-um - doubt/hesitate
educ-o educāre educav-i educat-um - rear/bring up/train/produce
elev-o elevāre elevav-i elevat-um - raise/lift up/lighten
emend-o emendāre emendav-i emendat-um - free from faults/correct/improve/amend/revise
emic-o emicāre emicav-i emicat-um - spring-break out or forth/leap up/stand out/be prom
equit-o equitāre equitav-i equitat-um - ride
+err-o errāre errav-i errat-um - wander/be wrong/be mistaken
exaestu-o exaestuāre exaestuav-i exaestuat-um - boil up/foam up/ferment
excit-o excitāre excitav-i excitat-um - wake/stir/rouse
exclam-o exclamāre exclamav-i exclamat-um - shout/cry out/exclaim/call
excus-o excusāre excusav-i excusat-um - excuse, apologize
existim-o existimāre existimav-i existimat-um - to think
exopt-o exoptāre exoptav-i exoptat-um - wish earnestly/desire greatly/long for
exorn-o exornāre exornav-i exornat-um - equip/fit out/supply
explic-o explicāre explicav-i explicat-um - unfold/set forth/explain/express
exspect-o exspectāre exspectav-i exspectat-um - await/wait for/wait to see/exspect/hope for/dread
fabric-o fabricāre fabricav-i fabricat-um - fashion/construct
fatig-o fatigāre fatigav-i fatigat-um - to tire/to weary
festin-o festināre festinav-i festinat-um - hurry
firm-o firmāre firmav-i firmat-um - strengthen/support/ encourage/steady (mind)/ confir
fl-o flāre flav-i flat-um - blow
flagr-o flagrāre flagrav-i flagrat-um - blaze on fire
frequent-o frequentāre frequentav-i frequentat-um - visit frequently/resort to/repeat
fric-o fricāre fricav-i fricat-um - rub/rub down
fug-o fugāre fugav-i fugat-um - chase/put to flight
gener-o generāre generav-i generat-um - beget/procreate/create
grav-o gravāre gravav-i gravat-um - make heavy/burden/weigh down/oppress
gubern-o gubernāre gubernav-i gubernat-um - govern/guide
gust-o gustāre gustav-i gustat-um - taste/take a little of/enjoy
+habit-o habitāre habitav-i habitat-um - live (in)
iact-o iactāre iactav-i iactat-um - throw/scatter/shake/ disquiet (mind)/ consider/disc
ignor-o ignorāre ignorav-i ignorat-um - not know/ignorant of
illumin-o illumināre illuminav-i illuminat-um - illumine/enlighten
immut-o immutāre immutav-i immutat-um - change/alter/transform
imper-o imperāre imperav-i imperat-um - order/command
impetr-o impetrāre impetrav-i impetrat-um - achieve/effect/get/procure/secure
incept-o inceptāre inceptav-i inceptat-um - begin/attempt
incit-o incitāre incitav-i incitat-um - drive on/rouse
indic-o indicāre indicav-i indicat-um - point out/disclose/betray/give information
inform-o informāre informav-i informat-um - shape/mould/fashion/organise/conceive
insert-o insertāre insertav-i insertat-um - insert/put in
insinu-o insinuāre insinuav-i insinuat-um - thrust in, push in
instill-o instillāre instillav-i instillat-um - pour in by drops/drop in/instil/infuse
integr-o integrāre integrav-i integrat-um - to make whole/renew
interrog-o interrogāre interrogav-i interrogat-um - question
intr-o intrāre intrav-i intrat-um - enter/come/go in
investig-o investigāre investigav-i investigat-um - track/trace out/search after/discover
invit-o invitāre invitav-i invitat-um - invite/treat/entertain/summon/attract/induce
invoc-o invocāre invocav-i invocat-um - call upon/invoke/appeal to
irrig-o irrigāre irrigav-i irrigat-um - water/irrigate/flood
iudic-o iudicāre iudicav-i iudicat-um - declare/judge
iur-o iurāre iurav-i iurat-um - swear/take an oath - w acc/inf
iuv-o iuvāre iuv-i iut-um - help/aid/assist/serve/support
labor-o laborāre laborav-i laborat-um - work
lacrim-o lacrimāre lacrimav-i lacrimat-um - weep/cry
latr-o latrāre latrav-i latrat-um - bark
laud-o laudāre laudav-i laudat-um - praise
lav-o lavāre lavav-i lavat-um - wash
liber-o liberāre liberav-i liberat-um - set free
loc-o locāre locav-i locat-um - place
mand-o mandāre mandav-i mandat-um - entrust/commit/commission/command
mic-o micāre micav-i micat-um - glitter/quiver/flicker/sparkle/flash
monstr-o monstrāre monstrav-i monstrat-um - point out/show/inform/instruct/describe
multiplic-o multiplicāre multiplicav-i multiplicat-um - multiply/increase/augment
murmur-o murmurāre murmurav-i murmurat-um - murmur/mutter/roar
mut-o mutāre mutav-i mutat-um - change/shift/alter/exchange
narr-o narrāre narrav-i narrat-um - tell - w acc/inf
+navig-o navigāre navigav-i navigat-um - sail
nec-o necāre necav-i necat-um - kill/murder
neg-o negāre negav-i negat-um - deny /say... no/refuse - w acc/inf
nud-o nudāre nudav-i nudat-um - strip of {+abl}
numer-o numerāre numerav-i numerat-um - count
nunti-o nuntiāre nuntiav-i nuntiat-um - announce/inform/tell - w acc/inf
obsecr-o obsecrāre obsecrav-i obsecrat-um - beseech/entreat/implore/conjure
observ-o observāre observav-i observat-um - watch/note/heed/observe/take notice of
obtemper-o obtemperāre obtemperav-i obtemperat-um - obey
occult-o occultāre occultav-i occultat-um - cover over/hide
occup-o occupāre occupav-i occupat-um - seize/take possession of/surprise/anticipate
oppugn-o oppugnāre oppugnav-i oppugnat-um - attack
opt-o optāre optav-i optat-um - choose (desire)/wish
or-o orāre orav-i orat-um - pray/plead/speak/beg/entreat
ordin-o ordināre ordinav-i ordinat-um - order/arrange/adjust/dispose/regulate
orn-o ornāre ornav-i ornat-um - furnish (decorate)/equip
+ov-o ovāre ovat-um - celebrate a triumph/rejoice
par-o parāre parav-i parat-um - prepāre /get ready
particip-o participāre participav-i participat-um - make partaker
patr-o patrāre patrav-i patrat-um - bring to pass/execute/perform/achieve/accomplish
pecc-o peccāre peccav-i peccat-um - do wrong
permut-o permutāre permutav-i permutat-um - change throughout/alter completely
perpetr-o perpetrāre perpetrav-i perpetrat-um - perform/carry out
persever-o perseverāre perseverav-i perseverat-um - abide/persist/continue steadfastly/persevere/adhere
perturb-o perturbāre perturbav-i perturbat-um - confuse/upset/alarm/throw into disorder
plac-o placāre placav-i placat-um - reconcile
plic-o plicāre plicav-i plicat-um - fold/coil
ponder-o ponderāre ponderav-i ponderat-um - weigh/ponder/consider/reflect
port-o portāre portav-i portat-um - carry/convey/bring
postul-o postulāre postulav-i postulat-um - demand/summon
pot-o potāre potav-i potat-um - drink
praedic-o praedicāre praedicav-i praedicat-um - proclaim/make public/declare/praise/boast
praepar-o praeparāre praeparav-i praeparat-um - prepāre beforehand
+praest-o praestāre praestav-i praestat-um - excel (+ dat)/ exhibit/show/offer/supply
priv-o privāre privav-i privat-um - deprive of {+abl}
prob-o probāre probav-i probat-um - make good/approve/esteem/commend
procre-o procreāre procreav-i procreat-um - beget/produce
+proper-o properāre properav-i properat-um - hasten/hurry
provoc-o provocāre provocav-i provocat-um - call forth/challenge
+pugn-o pugnāre pugnav-i pugnat-um - fight
puls-o pulsāre pulsav-i pulsat-um - strike/batter
purg-o purgāre purgav-i purgat-um - cleanse/purify/make clean
put-o putāre putav-i putat-um - reckon/count/suppose/think - w acc/inf
quadr-o quadrāre quadrav-i quadrat-um - to make square/arrange
recit-o recitāre recitav-i recitat-um - recite
recogit-o recogitāre recogitav-i recogitat-um - think over/reconsider
regn-o regnāre regnav-i regnat-um - rule/reign/be supreme/prevail/predominate (over thi
relax-o relaxāre relaxav-i relaxat-um - loosen/open out/release/ease/relax/cheer
report-o reportāre reportav-i reportat-um - carry back
repurg-o repurgāre repurgav-i repurgat-um - clear again/cleanse/purge away
reput-o reputāre reputav-i reputat-um - count over/reckon/compute/ponder/reflect upon
reserv-o reservāre reservav-i reservat-um - retain/save up
revel-o revelāre revelav-i revelat-um - unveil/uncover
revoc-o revocāre revocav-i revocat-um - call again/call back/recall
rog-o rogāre rogav-i rogat-um - ask for/propose - w acc/inf
rotund-o rotundāre rotundav-i rotundat-um - make round/round off
sacrific-o sacrificāre sacrificav-i sacrificat-um - sacrifice
salut-o salutāre salutav-i salutat-um - greet
satur-o saturāre saturav-i saturat-um - fill/satiate
sec-o secāre secav-i secat-um - cut/divide/operate on (medic)/pass through (motion)
sed-o sedāre sedav-i sedat-um - appease/calm
separ-o separāre separav-i separat-um - separate/divide/part/distinguish
serv-o servāre servav-i servat-um - save/guard/preserve/keep/observe
simul-o simulāre simulav-i simulat-um - copy/counterfeit/pretend
sollicit-o sollicitāre sollicitav-i sollicitat-um - to molest/ to disturb
son-o sonāre sonu-i sonit-um - to sound/ to make noise
spect-o spectāre spectav-i spectat-um - look at/watch
+sper-o sperāre sperav-i sperat-um - hope - w acc/inf
+spir-o spirāre spirav-i spirat-um - breathe
spoli-o spoliāre spoliav-i spoliat-um - strip of {+abl}
+st-o stāre stet-i stat-um - stand
sublim-o sublimāre sublimav-i sublimat-um - raise up/elevate/sublime
super-o superāre superav-i superat-um - overcome/pass/defeat/cross
support-o supportāre supportav-i supportat-um - bring up/convey
temper-o temperāre temperav-i temperat-um - combine/organise/regulate/manage
tempt-o temptāre temptav-i temptat-um - attempt
termin-o termināre terminav-i terminat-um - set bounds/bound/limit
toler-o tolerāre tolerav-i tolerat-um - bear/endure/maintain
tract-o tractāre tractav-i tractat-um - draw violently/pull/drag/haul
transport-o transportāre transportav-i transportat-um - carry over (across)
vac-o vacāre vacav-i vacat-um - be empty/free from
vast-o vastāre vastav-i vastat-um - lay waste/destroy/denude
vet-o vetāre vetav-i vetat-um - forbid/prohibit/oppose
vigil-o vigilāre vigilav-i vigilat-um - stay awake
vindic-o vindicāre vindicav-i vindicat-um - to lay legal claim to a thing
vit-o vitāre vitav-i vitat-um - avoid or evade
vituper-o vituperāre vituperav-i vituperat-um - blame
visit-o visitāre visitav-i visitat-um - visit
voc-o vocāre vocav-i vocat-um - call/summon/invite
vocit-o vocitāre vocitav-i vocitat-um - call
+vol-o volāre volav-i volat-um - fly/speed
vulner-o vulnerāre vulnerav-i vulnerat-um - wound

* Deponent verbs
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admir-or admirāri admirat-us sum - regard with wonder/admire
abomin-or abomināri abominat-us sum - deprecate/detest
adhort-or adhortāri adhortat-us sum - encourage/exhort/stimulate/rouse/urge
adminicul-or adminiculāri adminiculat-us sum - prop
adsect-or adsectāri adsectat-us sum - wait upon/follow
adsent-or adsentāri adsentat-us sum - assent/flatter/fawn
adstipul-or adstipulāri adstipulat-us sum - agree with
adul-or adulāri adulat-us sum - fawn
advers-or adversāri adversat-us sum - turned towards/facing/before
aemul-or aemuloāri aemuloat-us sum - rival/vie with/emulate
alterc-or altercāri altercat-us sum - alternate in discussion/dispute/wrangle
amplex-or amplexāri amplexat-us sum - embrace
ampull-or ampullāri ampullat-us sum - talk bombast
antest-or antestāri antestat-us sum - call as witness/ call to testify
apprec-or apprecāri apprecat-us sum - pray to/worship
apric-or apricāri apricat-us sum - sun oneself/bask in sun
aqu-or aquāri aquat-us sum - fetch water
arbitr-or arbitrāri arbitrat-us sum - believe/testify/consider/think w acc/inf
architect-or architectāri architectat-us sum - build/construct
argument-or argumentāri argumentat-us sum - adduce proof
aspern-or aspernāri aspernat-us sum - disdain/reject/despise
attest-or attestāri attestat-us sum - prove/confirm
augur-or augurāri augurat-us sum - augur/predict/foretell
avers-or aversāri aversat-us sum - turn or shrink from/turn away
circul-or circulāri circulat-us sum - form a circle
circumvect-or circumvectāri circumvectat-us sum - ride about/sail around
cohort-or cohortāri cohortat-us sum - animate/encourage/advise/incite/exhort
comit-or comitāri comitat-us sum - join as attendant/accompany/attend/follow
comment-or commentāri commentat-us sum - meditate/think over/study/deliberate/weigh
commerc-or commercāri commercat-us sum - buy up/purchase
commin-or commināri comminat-us sum - threaten/menace
commiser-or commiserāri commiserat-us sum - commiserate/pity/bewail
commis-or commisāri commisat-us sum - revel/make merry
commor-or commorāri commorat-us sum - tarry/linger/abide/remain/stay
comprec-or comprecāri comprecat-us sum - pray to/supplicate/implore
confabul-or confabulāri confabulat-us sum - converse/have a talk
con-or conāri conat-us sum - try/undertake/attempt/seek/aim/begin
consect-or consectāri consectat-us sum - follow eagerly/go after
consil-or consilāri consilat-us sum - take counsel/consult
consol-or consolāri consolat-us sum - encourage/animate/console/comfort
conspic-or conspicāri conspicat-us sum - get sight of/see/perceive
contempl-or contemplāri contemplat-us sum - contemplate/gaze at/view/survey/behold/consider
contest-or contestāri contestat-us sum - call to witness/invoke/appeal to
contion-or contionāri contionat-us sum - meet/convene/form an assembly
convici-or conviciāri conviciat-us sum - revile/reproach/taunt
conviv-or convivāri convivat-us sum - banquet/revel/carouse
cunct-or cunctāri cunctat-us sum - delay/linger/hesitate/doubt
dedign-or dedignāri dedignat-us sum - scorn/reject
dehort-or dehortāri dehortat-us sum - dissuade/discourage
demir-or demirāri demirat-us sum - marvel at/wonder
demor-or demorāri demorat-us sum - detain/decay
deoscul-or deosculāri deosculat-us sum - kiss warmly
depecul-or depeculāri depeculat-us sum - plunder
depopul-or depopulāri depopulat-us sum - ravage/devastate/waste/destroy
deprec-or deprecāri deprecat-us sum - avert by prayer/deprecate/intercede for
deproeli-or deproeliāri deproeliat-us sum - fight it out
detest-or detestāri detestat-us sum - invoke/curse/execrate/avert/deprecate
devener-or devenerāri devenerat-us sum - worship/avert by prayers
devers-or deversāri deversat-us sum - lodge/stay as guest
digladi-or digladiāri digladiat-us sum - fight fiercely
dissavi-or dissaviāri dissaviat-us sum - kiss passionately
domin-or domināri dominat-us sum - rule/master/lord it over
hariol-or hariolāri hariolat-us sum - prophesy/talk nonsense
hellu-or helluāri helluat-us sum - be a glutton
hort-or hortāri hortat-us sum - urge/encourge/exhort
iacul-or iaculāri iaculat-us sum - throw/hurl/aim at/attack
imagin-or imagināri imaginat-us sum - imagine/picture to oneself
imit-or imitāri imitat-us sum - copy/portray/imitate/act like
imprec-or imprecāri imprecat-us sum - invoke
indign-or indignāri indignat-us sum - be displeased with/angry at
infiti-or infitiāri infitiat-us sum - deny/repudiate
insect-or insectāri insectat-us sum - pursue/attack/criticise
insidi-or insidiāri insidiat-us sum - lie in ambush/wait for/plot against
instipul-or instipulāri instipulat-us sum - bargain for
interfat-or interfatāri interfatat-us sum - interrupt
intermin-or intermināri interminat-us sum - threaten
intermor-or intermorāri intermorat-us sum - die suddenly/fall unconscious
interpret-or interpretāri interpretat-us sum - interpret/explain/translate/understand
ioc-or iocāri iocat-us sum - joke/jest
iocul-or ioculāri ioculat-us sum - joke
irasc-or irascāri irascat-us sum - be angry/get furious
iuven-or iuvenāri iuvenat-us sum - behave indiscreetly
laet-or laetāri laetat-us sum - rejoice/be glad
lament-or lamentāri lamentat-us sum - weep/lament/bewail
latrocin-or latrocināri latrocinat-us sum - serve as a mercenary
lenocin,-or lenocin,āri lenocin,at-us sum - pay court to/promote
lucr-or lucrāri lucrat-us sum - gain/win/acquire
luct-or luctāri luctat-us sum - wrestle/struggle/fight
machin-or machināri machinat-us sum - devise/contrive/plot/scheme
manticin-or manticināri manticinat-us sum - be a prophet
materi-or materiāri materiat-us sum - fetch wood
medic-or medicāri medicat-us sum - cure
medit-or meditāri meditat-us sum - think over/contemplate/reflect/practice/study
merc-or mercāri mercat-us sum - trade in/purchase
met-or metāri metat-us sum - measure/traverse/estimate/judge
minit-or minitāri minitat-us sum - threaten
min-or mināri minat-us sum - threaten/project
mir-or mirāri mirat-us sum - wonder at/be surprised at/admire/be surprised
miser-or miserāri miserat-us sum - deplore/pity
moder-or moderāri moderat-us sum - manage/govern/guide [+ acc]/check [+ dat]
modul-or modulāri modulat-us sum - modulate/play/sing
moech-or moechāri moechat-us sum - commit adultery
moriger-or morigerāri morigerat-us sum - gratify/humour
mor-or morāri morat-us sum - delay/stay/loiter/die[int.]
oper-or operāri operat-us sum - work/labour/toil/be busied/devote oneself to
pabul-or pabulāri pabulat-us sum - forage
pal-or palāri palat-us sum - wander about/straggle
pandicul-or pandiculāri pandiculat-us sum - stretch oneself
percont-or percontāri percontat-us sum - question/inquire
peregrin-or peregrināri peregrinat-us sum - be abroad/travel/be a stranger
pergraec-or pergraecāri pergraecat-us sum - have a good time
periclit-or periclitāri periclitat-us sum - test/try/risk/endanger/attempt
perlex-or perlexāri perlexat-us sum - cause confusion
perpopul-or perpopulāri perpopulat-us sum - ravage completely
perscrut-or perscrutāri perscrutat-us sum - search/examine thoroughly
persect-or persectāri persectat-us sum - investigate
philosoph-or philosophāri philosophat-us sum - philosophise
pigner-or pignerāri pignerat-us sum - claim/accept
pisc-or piscāri piscat-us sum - fish
pollicit-or pollicitāri pollicitat-us sum - promise
praed-or praedāri praedat-us sum - plunder/rob/profit
praef-or praefāri praefat-us sum - say in advance/preface/pray beforehand/predict
praemedit-or praemeditāri praemeditat-us sum - think over/practise
prec-or precāri precat-us sum - pray/beg/entreat/wish(well)/curse
rationcin-or rationcināri rationcinat-us sum - calculate/consider/argue/infer
record-or recordāri recordat-us sum - recall/remember/ponder over
refrag-or refragāri refragat-us sum - oppose/thwart
reluct-or reluctāri reluctat-us sum - struggle against/resist
remor-or remorāri remorat-us sum - linger/stay behind/hinder/delay/defer
remuner-or remunerāri remunerat-us sum - repay/reward
restipul-or restipulāri restipulat-us sum - stipulate in return
rim-or rimāri rimat-us sum - tear open/search for/probe/examine/find out
rix-or rixāri rixat-us sum - quarrel/squabble
rustic-or rusticāri rusticat-us sum - live in the country
sciscit-or sciscitāri sciscitat-us sum - inquire/question
scit-or scitāri scitat-us sum - inquire/consult
scrut-or scrutāri scrutat-us sum - search/probe into/examine/find out
scurr-or scurrāri scurrat-us sum - play the fool
sol-or solāri solat-us sum - comfort/console/relieve/ease
spati-or spatiāri spatiat-us sum - walk/spread
specul-or speculāri speculat-us sum - spy out/watch for/observe
stipul-or stipulāri stipulat-us sum - demand a formal promise/bargain/stipulate
stomach-or stomachāri stomachat-us sum - be vexed/be annoyed
suffrag-or suffragāri suffragat-us sum - vote for/support/favour
suppalp-or suppalpāri suppalpat-us sum - coax gently
suppeti-or suppetiāri suppetiat-us sum - come to the assistance of
suspic-or suspicāri spicat-us sum - suspect/surmise/suppose
tergivers-or tergiversāri tergiversat-us sum - hedge/be evasive
testific-or testificāri testificat-us sum - give evidence/vouch for/make public/call to witne
test-or testāri testat-us sum - give evidence/testify/vouch for/call to witness
tort-or tortāri tortat-us sum - writhe
tric-or tricāri tricat-us sum - make mischief/play tricks
tuburcin-or tuburcināri tuburcinat-us sum - gobble up/guzzle
tut-or tutāri tutat-us sum - watch/guard/protect/guard against
vad-or vadāri vadat-us sum - bind over by bail
vag-or vagāri vagat-us sum - wander/rove/go far afield/spread
vener-or venerāri venerat-us sum - revere/worship/adore/venerate/entreat
ven-or venāri venat-us sum - hunt/chase
verecund-or verecundāri verecundat-us sum - be bashful/feel shy
vers-or versāri versat-us sum - live/be/be situated/be engaged in
virid-or viridāri viridat-us sum - become green
vocifer-or vociferāri vociferat-us sum - shout