[Owl] Lesson 12 (2007/06/22 - afternoon)


Direct & indirect speeches

Sequence of tenses

Maxim 101-110
Horas non numero nisi serenas.
I count only the bright hours. (Inscription on ancient sundials.)

Cum tacent, clamant.
When they are silent, they cry out. (Cicero, In Catalinam)

Inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in te.
Our heart is anxious until it finds peace in you. (St. Augustine, Confessiones)

Non mortem timemus, sed cogitationem mortis.
We do not fear death, but the thought of death. (Seneca, Epistulae)

Non ut edam vivo, sed vivam edo.
I do not live to eat, but eat to live. (Quintilianus, Instituitio oratoria)

Dum spiro, spero.
While I breathe, I hope. (Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticum)

Nihil est miserum nisi cum putes.
Nothing is unfortunate if you don't consider it unfortunate. (Boethius, De consolatione philosohiae)

Dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem.
As long as we are among humans, let us be humane. (Seneca, De ira)

Tamdiu discendum est, quamdiu vivas.
We should learn as long as we may live. (We live and learn.) (Seneca Philosophus, Epistulae)

Amor vincit omnia et nos cedamus amori.
Love conquers all and let us yield to love. (Vergil, Eclogae)