I know that that that that man says is true.

Give me that. (demonstrative pronoun as object)
Da mihi illud.

I know that man. (demonstrative adjective)

I have the book that you bought. (relative pronoun as object)
Librum, quem emisi, habeo.

I see the man that sent for me. (relative pronoun as subject)
Virum, qui me arcessicit, video.

I came that I might see you. (conjunction - purpose)
Ut te viderem, veni.

The storm was so great that the ship was wrecked. (conjunction - consequence)
Tanta erat procella, ut navis demergeretur.

He said that my brother had come. (conjunction - noun clause as object)
Fratrem meum venisse dixit.

It is expedient that I should do this. (conjunction - noun clause as subject)
Expedit ut hoc faciam.

He prayed that the Lord would send labourers into the harvest. (conjunction - noun clause as purpose)
Rogavit ut Dominus operarios in messem ejiceret.

We know that you speak the truth. (conjunction - noun clause as object)
Scimus quia vera dicis.


I know that that that that man says is true.
Vera esse scio ea, quae ille dicat.

He told me that he went to Rome that he might see Caesar.
Dixit mihi se Romam adivisse, ut Caesarem videret.

The woman that has just left the shop didn't buy anything.
I am so hungry that I can finish the whole food.
The man that stole my car was fined.
The company that made it has gone bankrupt.
The man that told me is coming later.
The woman that I saw is coming later.