CUM - time, cause, concession, together with

TIME (pure) with a verb in indicative
153. Et spiritus immundi, cum (time) eum videbant (indicative) procidebant ei.
And the unclean spirits, when they saw him, used to fall down before him. (Mk.3: 11)

Cum (time) ergo venerit (indicative), ille nobis annuntiabit omnia.
Whenever therefore he shall come, he will tell us all things. (Jn.4: 25)

Cum (time) autem adpropinquaret (subjunctive?) portae civitatis, ecce defunctus efferebatur.
But when he was drawing near to the gate of the city, behold a dead man was being borne out. (Lk.7: 12)

TIME (circumstance) with a verb in subjunctive
Quod cum (time - cause) videret Simon Petrus, procidit ad genua Jesu.
And when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees. (Lk.5: 8)

Quomodo potest homo nasci cum (time - doubt) senex sit (subjunctive)?
How can a man be born when he is old? (Jn.3: 4)

Ne forte, cum (time - doubt) aliis praedicaverim (subjunctive), ipse reprobus efficiar.
Lest perchance, when I have preached to others, I myself may become reprobate. (I Cor.9: 27)

CAUSE with a verb in subjunctive
156. Hi hominess conturbant civitatem nostrum, cum sint judaei.
These men disturb our state, because they are Jews. (Acts 16: 20)

CONCESSION with a verb in subjunctive
166. Ecce et naves, cum magnae sint, et a ventis validis minentur, circumferuntur a modico gubernaculo.
Behold also the ships, although they are so big and although they are threatened by strong winds, are turned about by a small helm. Jas. 3:4

Unum scio, quia, caecus cum essem, modo video.
One thing I know, that, although I was blind, now I see. (Jn.9: 25)

Nam cum liber essem ex omnibus, omnium me servum feci.
For although I was free from all men, I made myself a slave of all. (I Cor.9: 19)

Cum possemus vobis oneri esse.. sed facti sumus parvuli in medio vestrum.
Although we might have been burdensome to you...we made ourselves like little
children in the midst of you. (I Thess.2: 7)

210. Filius enim hominis venturus est in Gloria Patris sui cum angelis suis. Mt.14:27

Et rogabat illum vir, a quo daemonia exierant, ut cum eo esset. Lt.8:38

Carcerem quidem incenimus clausum cum omni diligentia. Act.5:23