Latin : transfer-o, transferre, transtul-i, translat-um
English : carry over

現在時態 Present
(位,數) transfero transferam transferor transferar
(位,數) transfers transferas transferris (-re) transferāris (-re)
(位,數) transfert transferat transfertur transferātur
我們(位,數) transferimus transferāmus transferimur transferāmur
你們(位,數) transfertis transferātis transferīmini transferāmini
他們(位,數) transferunt transferant transferūntur transferāntur
常過時態 Imperfect
(位,數) transferēbam transferrem transferēbar transferrer
(位,數) transferēbas transferres transferebāris (-re) transferreris (-re)
(位,數) transferēbat transferret transferebātur transferretur
我們(位,數) transferebāmus transferremus transferebāmur transferremur
你們(位,數) transferebātis transferretis transferebāmini transferremini
他們(位,數) transferēbant transferrent transferebāntur transferrentur
將來時態 Future
(位,數) transferam transferar
(位,數) transferes transferēris
(位,數) transferet transferētur
我們(位,數) transferēmus transferēmur
你們(位,數) transferētis transferēmini
他們(位,數) transferent transferēntur
全過時態 Perfect
(位,數) transtuli transtulerim translatus -a -um sum translatus -a -um sim
(位,數) transtulīsti transtuleris translatus -a -um es translatus -a -um sis
(位,數) transtulit transtulerit translatus -a -um est translatus -a -um sit
我們(位,數) transtulimus transtulerīmus translati -ae -a sumus translati -ae -a simus
你們(位,數) transtulīstis transtulerīstis translati -ae -a estis translati -ae -a sitis
他們(位,數) transtulērunt (-ēre) transtulerint translati -ae -a sunt translati -ae -a sint
先過時態 Pluperfect
(位,數) transtuleram transtulīssem translatus -a -um eram translatus -a -um essem
(位,數) transtuleras transtulīsses translatus -a -um eras translatus -a -um esses
(位,數) transtulerat transtulīsset translatus -a -um erat translatus -a -um esset
我們(位,數) transtulerāmus transtulissēmus translati -ae -a eramus translati -ae -a essemus
你們(位,數) transtulerātis transtulissētis translati -ae -a eratis translati -ae -a essetis
他們(位,數) transtulerant transtulīssent translati -ae -a erant translati -ae -a essent
未過時態 Future Perfect
(位,數) transtulero translatus -a -um ero
(位,數) transtuleris translatus -a -um eris
(位,數) transtulerit translatus -a -um erit
我們(位,數) transtulērimus translati -ae -a erimus
你們(位,數) transtulēritis translati -ae -a eritis
他們(位,數) transtulerint translati -ae -a erunt

主動語態 Acive 主動語態 Acive PASSIVE
現在時態 Present transfer, transferte transferre transferri
全過時態 Perfect transtulisse translat-us -a -um esse
將來時態 Future translatūrus -ura -urum esse

分詞 Participle 分詞 Participle GERUND SUPINE
主動語態 Acive PASSIVE Gen. transferendi
現在時態 Present transferens, (-entis) Dat. transferendo
全過時態 Perfect translatus -a -um Acc. transferendum translatum
將來時態 Future translatūrus -ura -urum transferendus -enda -endum Abl. transferendo translatu

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