Latin : suffer-o, sufferre, sustul-i, sublat-um
English : hold up, endure, suffer

現在時態 Present
(位,數) suffero sufferam sufferor sufferar
(位,數) suffers sufferas sufferris (-re) sufferāris (-re)
(位,數) suffert sufferat suffertur sufferātur
我們(位,數) sufferimus sufferāmus sufferimur sufferāmur
你們(位,數) suffertis sufferātis sufferīmini sufferāmini
他們(位,數) sufferunt sufferant sufferūntur sufferāntur
常過時態 Imperfect
(位,數) sufferēbam sufferrem sufferēbar sufferrer
(位,數) sufferēbas sufferres sufferebāris (-re) sufferreris (-re)
(位,數) sufferēbat sufferret sufferebātur sufferretur
我們(位,數) sufferebāmus sufferremus sufferebāmur sufferremur
你們(位,數) sufferebātis sufferretis sufferebāmini sufferremini
他們(位,數) sufferēbant sufferrent sufferebāntur sufferrentur
將來時態 Future
(位,數) sufferam sufferar
(位,數) sufferes sufferēris
(位,數) sufferet sufferētur
我們(位,數) sufferēmus sufferēmur
你們(位,數) sufferētis sufferēmini
他們(位,數) sufferent sufferēntur
全過時態 Perfect
(位,數) sustuli sustulerim sublatus -a -um sum sublatus -a -um sim
(位,數) sustulīsti sustuleris sublatus -a -um es sublatus -a -um sis
(位,數) sustulit sustulerit sublatus -a -um est sublatus -a -um sit
我們(位,數) sustulimus sustulerīmus sublati -ae -a sumus sublati -ae -a simus
你們(位,數) sustulīstis sustulerīstis sublati -ae -a estis sublati -ae -a sitis
他們(位,數) sustulērunt (-ēre) sustulerint sublati -ae -a sunt sublati -ae -a sint
先過時態 Pluperfect
(位,數) sustuleram sustulīssem sublatus -a -um eram sublatus -a -um essem
(位,數) sustuleras sustulīsses sublatus -a -um eras sublatus -a -um esses
(位,數) sustulerat sustulīsset sublatus -a -um erat sublatus -a -um esset
我們(位,數) sustulerāmus sustulissēmus sublati -ae -a eramus sublati -ae -a essemus
你們(位,數) sustulerātis sustulissētis sublati -ae -a eratis sublati -ae -a essetis
他們(位,數) sustulerant sustulīssent sublati -ae -a erant sublati -ae -a essent
未過時態 Future Perfect
(位,數) sustulero sublatus -a -um ero
(位,數) sustuleris sublatus -a -um eris
(位,數) sustulerit sublatus -a -um erit
我們(位,數) sustulērimus sublati -ae -a erimus
你們(位,數) sustulēritis sublati -ae -a eritis
他們(位,數) sustulerint sublati -ae -a erunt

主動語態 Acive 主動語態 Acive PASSIVE
現在時態 Present suffer, sufferte sufferre sufferri
全過時態 Perfect sustulisse sublat-us -a -um esse
將來時態 Future sublatūrus -ura -urum esse

分詞 Participle 分詞 Participle GERUND SUPINE
主動語態 Acive PASSIVE Gen. sufferendi
現在時態 Present sufferens, (-entis) Dat. sufferendo
全過時態 Perfect sublatus -a -um Acc. sufferendum sublatum
將來時態 Future sublatūrus -ura -urum sufferendus -enda -endum Abl. sufferendo sublatu

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