Latin : offer-o, offerre, obtul-i, oblat-um
English : bring before, offer, casue

現在時態 Present
(位,數) offero offeram offeror offerar
(位,數) offers offeras offerris (-re) offerāris (-re)
(位,數) offert offerat offertur offerātur
我們(位,數) offerimus offerāmus offerimur offerāmur
你們(位,數) offertis offerātis offerīmini offerāmini
他們(位,數) offerunt offerant offerūntur offerāntur
常過時態 Imperfect
(位,數) offerēbam offerrem offerēbar offerrer
(位,數) offerēbas offerres offerebāris (-re) offerreris (-re)
(位,數) offerēbat offerret offerebātur offerretur
我們(位,數) offerebāmus offerremus offerebāmur offerremur
你們(位,數) offerebātis offerretis offerebāmini offerremini
他們(位,數) offerēbant offerrent offerebāntur offerrentur
將來時態 Future
(位,數) offeram offerar
(位,數) offeres offerēris
(位,數) offeret offerētur
我們(位,數) offerēmus offerēmur
你們(位,數) offerētis offerēmini
他們(位,數) offerent offerēntur
全過時態 Perfect
(位,數) obtuli obtulerim oblatus -a -um sum oblatus -a -um sim
(位,數) obtulīsti obtuleris oblatus -a -um es oblatus -a -um sis
(位,數) obtulit obtulerit oblatus -a -um est oblatus -a -um sit
我們(位,數) obtulimus obtulerīmus oblati -ae -a sumus oblati -ae -a simus
你們(位,數) obtulīstis obtulerīstis oblati -ae -a estis oblati -ae -a sitis
他們(位,數) obtulērunt (-ēre) obtulerint oblati -ae -a sunt oblati -ae -a sint
先過時態 Pluperfect
(位,數) obtuleram obtulīssem oblatus -a -um eram oblatus -a -um essem
(位,數) obtuleras obtulīsses oblatus -a -um eras oblatus -a -um esses
(位,數) obtulerat obtulīsset oblatus -a -um erat oblatus -a -um esset
我們(位,數) obtulerāmus obtulissēmus oblati -ae -a eramus oblati -ae -a essemus
你們(位,數) obtulerātis obtulissētis oblati -ae -a eratis oblati -ae -a essetis
他們(位,數) obtulerant obtulīssent oblati -ae -a erant oblati -ae -a essent
未過時態 Future Perfect
(位,數) obtulero oblatus -a -um ero
(位,數) obtuleris oblatus -a -um eris
(位,數) obtulerit oblatus -a -um erit
我們(位,數) obtulērimus oblati -ae -a erimus
你們(位,數) obtulēritis oblati -ae -a eritis
他們(位,數) obtulerint oblati -ae -a erunt

主動語態 Acive 主動語態 Acive PASSIVE
現在時態 Present offer, offerte offerre offerri
全過時態 Perfect obtulisse oblat-us -a -um esse
將來時態 Future oblatūrus -ura -urum esse

分詞 Participle 分詞 Participle GERUND SUPINE
主動語態 Acive PASSIVE Gen. offerendi
現在時態 Present offerens, (-entis) Dat. offerendo
全過時態 Perfect oblatus -a -um Acc. offerendum oblatum
將來時態 Future oblatūrus -ura -urum offerendus -enda -endum Abl. offerendo oblatu

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