Latin : confer-o, conferre, contul-i, collat-um
English : bring together, be useful

現在時態 Present
(位,數) confero conferam conferor conferar
(位,數) confers conferas conferris (-re) conferāris (-re)
(位,數) confert conferat confertur conferātur
我們(位,數) conferimus conferāmus conferimur conferāmur
你們(位,數) confertis conferātis conferīmini conferāmini
他們(位,數) conferunt conferant conferūntur conferāntur
常過時態 Imperfect
(位,數) conferēbam conferrem conferēbar conferrer
(位,數) conferēbas conferres conferebāris (-re) conferreris (-re)
(位,數) conferēbat conferret conferebātur conferretur
我們(位,數) conferebāmus conferremus conferebāmur conferremur
你們(位,數) conferebātis conferretis conferebāmini conferremini
他們(位,數) conferēbant conferrent conferebāntur conferrentur
將來時態 Future
(位,數) conferam conferar
(位,數) conferes conferēris
(位,數) conferet conferētur
我們(位,數) conferēmus conferēmur
你們(位,數) conferētis conferēmini
他們(位,數) conferent conferēntur
全過時態 Perfect
(位,數) contuli contulerim collatus -a -um sum collatus -a -um sim
(位,數) contulīsti contuleris collatus -a -um es collatus -a -um sis
(位,數) contulit contulerit collatus -a -um est collatus -a -um sit
我們(位,數) contulimus contulerīmus collati -ae -a sumus collati -ae -a simus
你們(位,數) contulīstis contulerīstis collati -ae -a estis collati -ae -a sitis
他們(位,數) contulērunt (-ēre) contulerint collati -ae -a sunt collati -ae -a sint
先過時態 Pluperfect
(位,數) contuleram contulīssem collatus -a -um eram collatus -a -um essem
(位,數) contuleras contulīsses collatus -a -um eras collatus -a -um esses
(位,數) contulerat contulīsset collatus -a -um erat collatus -a -um esset
我們(位,數) contulerāmus contulissēmus collati -ae -a eramus collati -ae -a essemus
你們(位,數) contulerātis contulissētis collati -ae -a eratis collati -ae -a essetis
他們(位,數) contulerant contulīssent collati -ae -a erant collati -ae -a essent
未過時態 Future Perfect
(位,數) contulero collatus -a -um ero
(位,數) contuleris collatus -a -um eris
(位,數) contulerit collatus -a -um erit
我們(位,數) contulērimus collati -ae -a erimus
你們(位,數) contulēritis collati -ae -a eritis
他們(位,數) contulerint collati -ae -a erunt

主動語態 Acive 主動語態 Acive PASSIVE
現在時態 Present confer, conferte conferre conferri
全過時態 Perfect contulisse collat-us -a -um esse
將來時態 Future collatūrus -ura -urum esse

分詞 Participle 分詞 Participle GERUND SUPINE
主動語態 Acive PASSIVE Gen. conferendi
現在時態 Present conferens, (-entis) Dat. conferendo
全過時態 Perfect collatus -a -um Acc. conferendum collatum
將來時態 Future collatūrus -ura -urum conferendus -enda -endum Abl. conferendo collatu

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