Latin : circumfer-o, circumferre, circumtul-i, circumlat-um
English : carry around, disseminate

現在時態 Present
(位,數) circumfero circumferam circumferor circumferar
(位,數) circumfers circumferas circumferris (-re) circumferāris (-re)
(位,數) circumfert circumferat circumfertur circumferātur
我們(位,數) circumferimus circumferāmus circumferimur circumferāmur
你們(位,數) circumfertis circumferātis circumferīmini circumferāmini
他們(位,數) circumferunt circumferant circumferūntur circumferāntur
常過時態 Imperfect
(位,數) circumferēbam circumferrem circumferēbar circumferrer
(位,數) circumferēbas circumferres circumferebāris (-re) circumferreris (-re)
(位,數) circumferēbat circumferret circumferebātur circumferretur
我們(位,數) circumferebāmus circumferremus circumferebāmur circumferremur
你們(位,數) circumferebātis circumferretis circumferebāmini circumferremini
他們(位,數) circumferēbant circumferrent circumferebāntur circumferrentur
將來時態 Future
(位,數) circumferam circumferar
(位,數) circumferes circumferēris
(位,數) circumferet circumferētur
我們(位,數) circumferēmus circumferēmur
你們(位,數) circumferētis circumferēmini
他們(位,數) circumferent circumferēntur
全過時態 Perfect
(位,數) circumtuli circumtulerim circumlatus -a -um sum circumlatus -a -um sim
(位,數) circumtulīsti circumtuleris circumlatus -a -um es circumlatus -a -um sis
(位,數) circumtulit circumtulerit circumlatus -a -um est circumlatus -a -um sit
我們(位,數) circumtulimus circumtulerīmus circumlati -ae -a sumus circumlati -ae -a simus
你們(位,數) circumtulīstis circumtulerīstis circumlati -ae -a estis circumlati -ae -a sitis
他們(位,數) circumtulērunt (-ēre) circumtulerint circumlati -ae -a sunt circumlati -ae -a sint
先過時態 Pluperfect
(位,數) circumtuleram circumtulīssem circumlatus -a -um eram circumlatus -a -um essem
(位,數) circumtuleras circumtulīsses circumlatus -a -um eras circumlatus -a -um esses
(位,數) circumtulerat circumtulīsset circumlatus -a -um erat circumlatus -a -um esset
我們(位,數) circumtulerāmus circumtulissēmus circumlati -ae -a eramus circumlati -ae -a essemus
你們(位,數) circumtulerātis circumtulissētis circumlati -ae -a eratis circumlati -ae -a essetis
他們(位,數) circumtulerant circumtulīssent circumlati -ae -a erant circumlati -ae -a essent
未過時態 Future Perfect
(位,數) circumtulero circumlatus -a -um ero
(位,數) circumtuleris circumlatus -a -um eris
(位,數) circumtulerit circumlatus -a -um erit
我們(位,數) circumtulērimus circumlati -ae -a erimus
你們(位,數) circumtulēritis circumlati -ae -a eritis
他們(位,數) circumtulerint circumlati -ae -a erunt

主動語態 Acive 主動語態 Acive PASSIVE
現在時態 Present circumfer, circumferte circumferre circumferri
全過時態 Perfect circumtulisse circumlat-us -a -um esse
將來時態 Future circumlatūrus -ura -urum esse

分詞 Participle 分詞 Participle GERUND SUPINE
主動語態 Acive PASSIVE Gen. circumferendi
現在時態 Present circumferens, (-entis) Dat. circumferendo
全過時態 Perfect circumlatus -a -um Acc. circumferendum circumlatum
將來時態 Future circumlatūrus -ura -urum circumferendus -enda -endum Abl. circumferendo circumlatu

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