Vatican II: 40 more years ago . . . (1962 - 1965) . . .

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    Lyrics: As long as you love me

b. Ashes and dust - Alcuin

Quod nunc es fueram, famosus in orbe, viator,
You are now, traveller, what I once was,

et quod nunc ego sum, tuque futurus eris.
and what I am now you will one day become.

Alcuin : Ashes and dust

Charlemagne and Alcuin

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4th Century: Basilica of St. John in Lateran

8th century: Donation of Pepin

Donation of Constantine forged in the 9th century

12th Century: Donation of Countess Matilda

1870 Papal State finished by the unified Italy

1929 Lateran Treaty - beginning of the Vatican State

1958-1963 John XXIII


The Catholic Church Versus Modernity
(Hans Kung: The Catholic Church: A Short History, Random House Inc. New York, 2001. Chapter VII)

A new time
The scientific and philosophical revolution: Reason
The Church and the Copernican shift
The cultural and theological revolution: progress
The consequences of the Enlightenment for the Church
The political revolution: nation
The Church and the revolution
The technological and industrial revolution: industry
A sweeping condemnation of modernity X the council of the counter-enlightenment

resistance (1830-1914)
engagement (1891-1858)
accommodation (1958-1978)
consolidation (1978- )

From Catholicism against modernity to the problematic modernity of Catholicism

C). WWI (1914-1918), WWII (1939-1945),
Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

D). Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (1881-1963)
Named Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) - antipope of the same name (1410-1415)
Visit to Regina Coeli (1958)
Convoked the Vatican II at the age of 80 (1962).
Liturgy - added "Joseph"
Pacem in Terris (1963) to all people of good will.

Pope John XXIII's coronation in 1958. He was crowned wearing the 1877 Palatine Tiara

Pope John's own personal papal tiara. It was a gift of the people of Venice in 1959.

*   *   *

Opening Speech to the Council of Pope John XXIII - 11 October, 1962,

"In these modern times they can see nothing but prevarication and ruin. They say that our
era, in comparison with past eras, is getting worse, and they behave as though they had learned
nothing from history, which is, none the less, the teacher of life. ....

Venerable brothers, such is the aim of the Second Vatican Ecumenical
Council, which, while bringing together the Church's best energies and
striving to have men welcome more favorably the good tidings of salvation,
prepares, as it were and consolidates the path toward that unity of mankind
which is required as a necessary foundation, in order that the earthly city
may be brought to the resemblance of that heavenly city where truth reigns,
charity is the law, and whose extent is eternity (Cf. St. Augustine, Epistle
138, 3)."

Council Documents

4 constitutions: Church, Divine Revelation, Liturgy, Pastoral
9 decrees: communication, ecumenism, Estern Churches, bishops, priestly formation, religious, laity, priests, missionary
3  declarations: Christian education, non-Christian, religious freedom

Church: this world and the other world - jam et nondum (GS 43)

Liturgy: culmen et fons (SC 10)

scripture, tradition, teaching office: servant (DV 10)

extra ecclesiam nulla salus (LG 8)

common priesthood (LG 10)

religious liberty: truth (DH 1)

Fulltext Search Engine of all documents of the II Vatican Council (1962-65)

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Changing of altars

giving up Latin

giving up uniforms: position / function

leaving priesthood: laity, marriage


permanent deacons

social actions: Fr. Hurley, Fr. McGovern, Fr. Elsinger, Fr. Giampietro, Fr. Lambertoni, Fr. Mella, Fr. Paul Kam,  Bp Zen

John Chan: a delegate of the Council

Brethren in Christ

*   *   *

??? married priests, women priests

??? contraception, abortion, euthanasia

??? option for the poor

??? democracy, election of bishops by the priests

??? medieval experience: burden / treasure