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At the age of 13, the peasant girl Joan of Arc (1412-1431) believed herself selected by God to aid the dauphin of France (later king Charles VII)by lifting the nearly overwhelming English seige of orle'ans.With a small army, the Maid of Orle'ans succeeded in driving off the English in 1429.After leading French forces in many battles, she was captured in 1430,sold to the English,and turned over to the Inquisition.Tried and condemned for heresy and witchcraft,she was burned at the stake in May 1431.Pope Benedict XV canonized Joan in 1920.

Jean August dominique Ingres. Jeanne d' Arc au Sa^cre de Charles VII (Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII). 1851-1854. Oil on canvas.94 1/2 X 70 3/4" (240 X 178cm). Lourve, Paris.