abbreviate 縮寫 brevis 'short'.

alien 外來alius 'other'.

altitude 高原altus 'high'.

antiquity 古代 antiquus 'old, former'.

congratulate 祝賀 con- 'with' + gratus 'pleasing'.

deplete 耗盡 de- (expressing reversal) + plenus 'full'.

incest 亂倫 in- 'not' + castus 'chaste'.

indignant 憤怒的 in- 'not' + dignus 'worthy'.

infatuate 陶醉中的 in- 'into' + fatuus 'foolish'.

innovate 創新 in- 'into' + novus 'new'.

incandescent 白熾燈 in- (expressing intensive force) + candidus 'white'.

fecundate 受精 fecundus 'fruitful'.

invalid 無效的 in- 'not' + validus 'strong'.

duodenum 十二指腸 duodeni 'in twelves'.

iterate 再次 iterum 'again'.

memorabilia 紀念品, neuter plural of memorabilis 'memorable'.

multitude 眾多 multus, multidudo 'many'.

retard 延緩 re- 'back' + tardus 'slow'.

rigor mortis 屍僵 rigor mortis, literally 'stiffness of death'.

sagacious 明智的 sagax, sagac-is 'wise'.

satiate 吃飽喝足 satis 'enough'.

longevity 長壽 longus 'long' + aevum, vita 'age, life'.

regalia 王權 regalis 'regal' - neuter plural.


affinity 親和,接壤 ad- 'to' + finis 'border' (literally 'bordering on').

ancillary 婢女 ancilla 'maidservant'.

annuity 年金 annuus 'yearly', from annus 'year'.

bestial 獸性 bestia 'beast'.

binocular 雙目的, 雙筒望遠鏡 bini 'two together' + oculus 'eye', on the pattern of ocular.

capital 首都 caput 'head'.

cenacle 晚餐廳 cena 'dinner'.

collar 衣領 collum 'neck'.

consanguineous 近親 con- 'together' + sanguis 'blood'.

cordial 親切 cor 'heart'.

corporal 體罰 corpus 'body'.

culpable 有罪 culpa 'fault, blame'.

cutaneous 表皮 cutis 'skin'.

delineate 劃定 de- 'out, completely' + linea 'line'.

dental 牙齒 dens 'tooth'.

dentist 牙醫 dens, 'tooth'.

denture 義齒 dens, 'tooth'.

dilapidate 破壞 di- 'apart, abroad'+ lapis 'stone'.

disgust 厭惡 dis- (expressing reversal) + gustus 'taste'.

domestic 國內 domus 'house'.

fiduciary 受託 fiducia 'trust'.

fluvial 河流的 fluvius 'river'.

funicular 纜索 funis 'rope'.

immune 免疫 in- ' not' + munis 'ready for service'.

impromptu 即興 in promptu 'in readiness'.

insomnia 失眠 in- 'not' + somnus 'sleep'.

ingratiate 討好 in gratiam 'into favour'.

itinerary 行程 iter, itiner-is 'journey, road'.

lactic 乳酸 lac, lact-is 'milk'.

limit 限制 limes, limit- 'boundary, frontier'.

linguist 語言學家 lingua 'tongue'.

litigant 當事人 lis, lit-is 'lawsuit'.

lucrative 有利可圖 lucrum 'profit'.

magnanimous 偉大 magnus 'great' + animus 'soul'.

menstrual 月經 mensis 'month'.

mercenary 僱傭軍 merces, merced-is 'reward'.

mortal 凡人 mors, mort-is 'death'.

nasal 鼻的 nasus 'nose'.

navigate 導航 navis 'ship' + agere 'drive'.

nocturnal 夜間的 nox, noct-is 'night'.

notary 公證 nota 'mark'.

obituary 訃告 obitus 'death'.

pedicure 修腳 pes, ped- 'foot' + curare 'attend to'.

pelvis 盆骨, literally 'basin'.

petroleum 石油 petra 'rock' + oleum 'oil'.

PhD 博士哲學 philosophiae doctor.

ponder 思考 pondus, ponder-is 'weight'.

portal 門戶 porta 'door, gate'.

rustic 鄉村 rus -ris 'the country'.

sanguinary 血淋淋的 sanguis, sanguin-is 'blood'.

see 座位 sedes 'seat'.

stagnant 停滯 stagnum 'pool'.

stellar 恆星 stella 'star'.

subpoena 傳喚 sub poena 'under penalty'

subterranean 地下的 sub- 'below' + terra 'earth'.

urban 城市 urbs, urb- 'city'.

ventriloquist 腹語家 venter 'belly' + loqui 'speak'.

viva voce 口試, literally 'with living voice'.

millipede 千足蟲 mille 'thousand' + pes, ped-is 'foot'.

trident 三叉戟 tri- 'three' + dens, dent-is 'tooth'.

ultramontane 超越山的 ultra 'beyond' + mons, mont-is 'mountain'.


canine 犬的 canis 'dog'.

feline 貓的 feles 'cat'.

leonine 獅的 leo, leon-is 'lion'.

pork 豬的 porcus 'pig'.

ursine 熊的 ursus 'bear'.

vaccine 牛痘 vacca 'cow' (because of the early use of the cowpox virus against smallpox).


ambulance 救護車 ambulant- 'walking'.

appetite 食慾 ad- 'to' + petere 'seek'.

assail 攻擊 ad- 'to' + salire 'to leap'; compare with ASSAULT.

attenuate 衰減 ad- 'to' + tenuare 'make thin'.

artefact 人工製品, 藝術品 arte 'by or using art' + factum 'something made' (neuter past participle of facere 'make').

consummate 完善, 結束 con- 'altogether' + summa 'sum total'.

concubine 妾 con- 'with' + cubare 'to lie'.

convalescent 療養 con- 'altogether' + valere 'be well'.

convene 召開 con- 'together' + venire 'come'.

debenture 債券 debentur 'are owing' (from debere 'owe').

debit 欠 debere 'owe'.

deficit 赤字 deficit 'it is lacking', from deficere.

despair 絕望 de- 'down from' + sperare 'to hope'.

detergent 洗滌劑 de- 'away from' + tergere 'to wipe'.

dissect 解剖 dis- 'apart' + secare 'to cut'.

dissident 持不同政見者, 異見分子 dis- 'apart' + sedere 'sit'.

dividend 股息 dividendum 'something to be divided', from dividere.

docent 講解員 docent- 'teaching', from docere 'teach'.

dominant 主導 dominant- 'ruling, governing', from dominari.

edible 食用 edere 'eat'.

equator 赤道 aequare 'make equal'.

expire 到期 ex- 'out' + spirare 'breathe'.

facsimile 傳真 fac! (imperative of facere 'make') and simile (neuter of similis 'like').

factotum 一腳踢 fac! (imperative of facere 'do!') + totum 'the whole thing' (neuter of totus).

genuflect 跪膝 genu 'knee' + flectere 'to bend'.

habitat, 棲息地 literally 'it dwells', from habitare.

inaugurate 開創 inaugurat- 'interpreted as omens (from the flight of birds)', based on augurare 'to augur'.

infant 嬰兒 in- 'not' + fant-is 'speaking').

inhibit 抑制 in- 'in' + habere 'hold'.

insolent 強橫的 in- 'not' + solent- 'being accustomed' (from solere).

intercept 攔截 inter- 'between' + capere 'take'.

intuition 直覺 in- 'upon' + tueri 'to look'.

incognito 隱姓埋名的 in- 'not' + cognitus (past participle of cognoscere 'know').

judge 法官 jus 'law' + dicere 'to say'.

malevolent 惡毒的 male 'ill' + volent- 'wishing'.

opponent 對手 ob- 'against' + ponere 'place'.

pendant 挂件 pendere.

permanent 永久 per- 'through' + manere 'remain'.

pertinent 有關 per- 'through' + tenere 'to hold'.

pervasive 無孔不入的 per- 'throughout' + vadere 'go'.

postpone 推遲 post 'after' + ponere 'to place'.

presume prae 'before' + sumere 'take'.

pretext 藉口 prae 'before' + texere 'weave'.

prevent 防止 prae 'before' + venire 'come'.

promise 承諾 pro- 'forward' + mittere 'send'.

prostitute 娼妓 pro- 'before' + statuere 'set up, place'.

rectum 直腸 rectum (intestinum) 'straight (intestine)'.

referendum 公投 referre, gerund ('referring'), or neuter gerundive ('something to be brought back or referred').

regent 攝政 regent- 'ruling', from regere.

reputation 聲譽 re 'intensive' putare 'think over'.

restitution 歸還 re- 'again' + statuere 'establish'.

sedative 鎮靜 sedere 'sit'.

seduce 勾引 se- 'away, apart' + ducere 'to lead'.

souvenir 紀念品 subvenire 'occur to the mind'.

succinct 簡潔 sub- 'from below' + cingere 'gird'.

supersede 取代 super- 'above' + sedere 'sit'.

superstition 迷信 super- 'over' + stare 'to stand'.

sustain 維持 sub- 'from below' + tenere 'hold'.

tangent 切線 tangent- 'touching', from tangere.

tenant 承租人 tenere.

tolerant 寬容 tolerare.

tradition 傳統 trans- 'across' + dare 'give'.

transit 過境 transire 'go across'.

transvestite 易裝 trans- 'across' + vestire 'clothe'.

tuition 學費 tueri 'to watch, guard'.

ultimatum, 最後通牒 neuter past participle of ultimare 'come to an end'.

veto, 否決權 literally 'I forbid'.

visa 簽證 visa, past participle (neuter plural) of videre 'to see'.


altar 祭壇 altus 'high'.

identity 身份 idem 'same'.

iniquity 罪孽 in- 'not' + aequus 'equal, just'.

posthumous 追授 postumus 'last', by association with humus 'ground'.

retaliate 報復 re- 'back' + talis 'such'.

rubric 指引 ruber -bri 'red.

sum 總結 summa 'highest'.

charm 咒語 carmen 'song, verse, incantation'.

charter 憲章 charta 'paper'.

conjugal 夫妻 con- 'together'+ jugum 'a yoke'.

distil 蒸餾 de- 'down, away' + stilla 'a drop'.

instil 灌輸 in- 'into' + stilla 'a drop'.

dowager 皇太后 dos 'dowry'; related to dare 'give'.

emperor 皇帝 imperator 'military commander'.

equilibrium 平衡 aequi- 'equal'+ libra 'balance'.

expatriate 外籍 ex- 'out' + patria 'native country'.

forensic 法醫 fores '(outside) door'.

impeach 彈劾 in- 'not' + pes 'foot'.

impediment 障礙 in- 'not' + pes ped-is 'foot'.

inoculate 接種 in- 'into' + oculus 'eye, bud'.

insulin 胰島素 insula 'island'.

lunatic 瘋子 luna 'moon'.

martial 武術 Mars, Mart-is.

muscle 肌肉 mus 'mouse'.

pantry 廚房 panis 'bread'.

plagiarism 剽竊 plagium 'a kidnapping'.

salary 工資 sal 'salt'.

turbulent 動盪 turba 'crowd'.

venereal 性病 Venus -neris.

profane 褻瀆 pro- 'before' + fanum 'temple'.

proletarian 無產階級 proles 'offspring', denoting a poor person who can only serve the state by producing offspring.

pre-empt 先發製人 prae 'in advance' + emere 'buy'.

preposterous 荒謬 prae 'before' + posterus 'coming after'.

puisne 陪審法官 postea 'afterwards' + natus 'born'. (puisne mortgage)

recipe 配方, 食譜 recipere imperative, literally 'receive!'