Traianus Plinio

Liber X, epistola 97:2

Conquirendi non sunt;
( Do not go out of your way to look for them.)

si deferantur et arguantur, puniendi sunt,
(If indeed they should be brought before you, and the crime is proved, they must be punished; )

ita tamen ut, qui negaverit se Christianum esse idque re ipsa manifestum fecerit, id est supplicando dis nostris, quamvis suspectus in praeteritum, veniam ex paenitentia impetret.
(with the restriction, however, that where the party denies he is a Christian, and shall make it evident that he is not, by invoking our gods, let him, notwithstanding any former suspicion, be pardoned upon his repentance. )

Sine auctore vero propositi libelli nullo crimine locum habere debent. (Anonymous informations ought not to be received in any sort of prosecution. )

Nam et pessimi exempli nec nostri saeculi est.
(It is introducing a very dangerous precedent, and is quite foreign to the spirit of our age.)

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