Plinius Traiano Imperatori

Liber X, epistola 96: 6 C.

Alii ab indice nominati esse se Christianos dixerunt et mox negaverunt;
(Some among those who were accused by a witness in person at first confessed themselves Christians, but immediately after denied it;)

fuisse quidem sed desisse, quidam ante triennium, quidam ante plures annos, non nemo etiam ante viginti.
(the rest owned indeed that they had been of that number formerly, but had now, some above three, others more, and a few above twenty years ago, renounced that error.)

quoque omnes et imaginem tuam deorumque simulacra venerati sunt et Christo male dixerunt.
(They all worshipped your statue and the images of the gods, uttering imprecations at the same time against the name of Christ.)

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