Latin Verbs:

voice: active, passive

mood: indicative, subjunctive, imperative, infinitive

tense: present, imperfect, future // perfect, pluperfect, future perfect

UNFINISHED (present system) 

present:- what is going on now or is; 
          Melissa cantat. Melissa sings, is singing, does sing.
        - an action begun in the past and
          still going on now (jam, jam diu, dudum, pridem);
          Tres jam horas adsum. I have been here for three hours.
        - instead of perfect tense;
          Caecilius in culinam pavonem portat et cantat. Caecilius brought a peacock to the kitchen and singed.
imprerfect:- what went on or was for a long time;
             Puer lacrimabat et infelix erat. The boy was crying and was unhappy.
           - repeated action in the past; 
             Prima luce surgebat. He used to get up at dawn.
           - attempted action in the past;
             Puer arborem ascendebat. The boy tried to climb the tree.
           - an action begun in the past and
             still continuing at the time mentioned (jam,jam diu, dudum,pridem);
             Tres jam horas aderam. I had been present for three hours (and still was present).
future: - what is going to happen or will be;
          Epistola longa erit. The letter will be long.

FINISHED (perfect system)

perfect: - 'once' action in the past;
           Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered. 
         - the present result of a past action;
           Pontem fecerunt. The have built the bridge.
pluperfect: - an action already completed before another action in the past;
              Regem occiderant priusquam pervenimus. They had killed the king before we arrived.
future perfect: -an action which will take place before another actin in the future;
                 Si redieris, poenas dabis. If you return, you will be punished.

number: singular, plural

person: 1st, 2nd, 3rd

verbal adjective: participle

verbal noun: gerund, supine

Four Stems: 

present stem (1), present active infinitive (0), perfect stem (2), participial stem (3).

am-o (1) amare (0) amav-i (2) amat-um (3) - love
hab-eo (1) habere (0) habu-i (2) habit-um (3) - have
mitt-o (1) mittere (0) mis-i (2) miss-um (3) - send
aud-io (1) audire (0) audiv-i (2) audit-um (3) - hear

* * *
Active - Indicative: Active - Subjunctive: Passive - Indicative: Passive - Subjunctive:
Present (1) Present (1) Present (1) Present (1)
Imperfect (1) Imperfect (1) Imperfect (1) Imperfect (1)
Future (1) Future (1)
Perfect (2) Perfect (2) Perfect (3) Perfect (3)
Pluperfect (2) Pluperfect (2) Pluperfect (3) Pluperfect (3)
Future perfect (2) Future perfect (3)


Active - Imperative Active - Infinitive Passive - Infinitive
Present (1) Present (0) Present (1)
Perfect (2) Perfect (3)
Future (3)

Active - Participle Passive - Participle Gerund Supine
Present (1) (1) (3)
Perfect (3)
Future (3) Future (1)