Many Pronouns, Pronominal Adjectives, and Adverbs have corresponding demonstrative, relative, interrogative, and indefinite forms. Such parallel forms are called Correlatives. They are shown in the following table:--

tantus -a -um quantus -a -um quantus -a -um? quantus -a -umcumque aliquantus -a -um
so great how (as) great how great? however great some
talis -is -e qualis -is -e qualis -is -e? qualis -is -ecumque ----
such as of what sort? of whatever kind
ibi (indecl.) ubi (indecl.) ubi (indecl.)? ubiubi (indecl.) alicubi (indecl.)
there where where? wherever somewhere
eo (indecl.) quo (indecl.) quo (indecl.)? quoquo (indecl.) aliquo (indecl.)
thither whither whither? whithersoever (to) somewhere
ea (indecl.) qua (indecl.) qua (indecl.)? quaqua (indecl.) aliqua (indecl.)
that way which way which way? whithersoever somewhere
inde (indecl.) unde (indecl.) unde (indecl.)? undecumque (indecl.) alicunde (indecl.)
thence whence whence? whencesoever from somewhere
tum (indecl.) cum (indecl.) quando (indecl.)? quandocumque (indecl.) aliquando (indecl.)
then when when? whenever at some time
tot (indecl.) quot (indecl.) quot (indecl.)? quotquot (indecl.) aliquot (indecl.)
so many as how many? however many some, several
totiens (indecl.) quotiens (indecl.) quotiens (indecl.)? quotienscumque (indecl.) aliquotiens (indecl.)
so often as how often? however often at several times