Ave maris stella (Hymnus)
Claudio Monteverdi - 1610

Ave maris stella, - Hail, O Star of ocean,

Dei Mater alma -God's own Mother blest,

Atque semper virgo -Ever sinless Virgin,

Felix caeli porta. -Gate of heav'nly rest.

Sumens illud Ave -Taking that sweet Ave

Gabrielis ore, -Which from Gabriel came,

Funda nos in pace, -Peace confirm within us,

Mutans Hevae nomen. -Changing Eva's name.

Solve vincla reis, -Break the sinners' fetters,

Profer lumen caecis, -Make our blindness day,

Mala nostra pelle, -Chase all evils from us,

Bona cuncta posce. -For all blessings pray.

Monstra te esse matrem, -Show thyself a Mother,

Sumat per te preces, -May the Word divine

Qui pro nobis natus, -Born for us thine Infant

Tulit esse tuus. -Hear our prayers through thine.

Virgo singularis, -Virgin all excelling,

Inter omnes mitis. -Mildest of the mild,

Nos culpis solutos, -Free from guilt preserve us

Mites fac et castos. -Meek and undefiled.

Vitam praesta puram, -Keep our life all spotless,

Iter para tutum, -Make our way secure,

Ut videntes Jesum -Till we find in Jesus

Semper collaetemur. -Joy for evermore.

Sit laus Deo Patri, -Praise to God the Father,

Summo Christo decus, -Honour to the Son,

Spiritui Sancto -In the Holy Spirit

Tribus honor unus. Amen. -Be the glory one. Amen.