Ave Generosa (Hymn)
melody by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179),
sung by Rosa Lamoreaux
Ave, generosa, Hail, girl of noble birth,
gloriosa glorious
et intacta puella; and untouched Virgin,
tu, pupilla castitatis, you, pupil in the eye of chastity,
tu, materia sanctitatis, you, essene of purity,
quae Deo placuit! who pleased God !
Nam haec superna infusio For the heavenly potion
in te fuit, was poured into you,
quod supernum verbum so that the heavenly Word
in te carnem induit, became flesh in you,
Tu, candidum lilium, You, dazzling lily,
quod Deus ante omnem creaturam inspexit. whom God knew before all other creatures.
O pulcherrima most beautiful
et dulcissimma; and sweetest one;
quam valde Deus in te delectabatur! how greatly has God delighted in you !
cum amplexione caloris sui You were implanted with the embrace of His fire
in te posuit ita quod filius eius so that His Son
de te lactatus est. might be suckled by you.
Venter enim tuus Thus your womb
gaudium habuit, was joyful,
cum omnis celestis symphonia with all the heavenly symphony
de te sonuit, singing for you,
quia, virgo, Filium Dei portasti, because, o Virgin, you bore the Son of God
ubi castitas tua in Deo claruit. when your chastity shone in God.
Viscera tua gaudium habuerunt, Your womb had joy
sicut gramen super quod ros cadit like the grass touched by dew,
cum ei viridatem infudit; infused with its freshness;
ut et te factum est, and was made in you,
mater omnis gaudii. O Mother of all joy.
Nunc omnis Ecclesia Now let all believers rediate
in gaudio rutilet in the dawn of joy
ac in syphonia sonet. and resound in harmony
propter dulcissimam virginem for the sweetest Virgin,
et laudibilem Mariam most praiseworthy Mary
Dei genitricem. Amen. Mother of God. Amen.