Songs in Latin


Dic aliquid Say something -Heleen Uytterhoeven
Bastille - Pompeii -Heleen Uytterhoeven
Mundus Mirabilis -What a Wonderful World
A Whole New World -Aladdin
Mulan - Viri et Vos -I'll Make a Man Out of You
Hercules - Non Me Amare Dicam -I Won't Say I'm in Love
Pocahontas - Sicut Aurae Varia -Colors of the Wind
Et Eam Amō -And I Love Her
Pervīvet Prō Tē Hoc Cor (My Heart Will Go On)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Ignis Infernus
The Lion King – Ordo Saeclorum
Bella et Bestia - Fabula Aeterna
The Little Mermaid - Sub Pelago
Disney's Frozen - Let It Go
Disney's Frozen - Nive Signa Statuamus
Disney's Frozen - Vita Sole Clarior
Mors Caesaris
Paete, non dolet.