1st and 2nd declension adjectives

absolutus -a -um - complete/finished
aegrotus -a -um - sick
aequus -a -um - even/level/equal/fair
albus -a -um - white
altus -a -um - high/deep
amicus -a -um - friendly
apertus -a -um - open
bellus -a -um - pretty/handsome
carus -a -um - dear
citus -a -um - quick/swift
cupidus -a -um - desirous
dignus -a -um - deserving/worthy/deserved/ {+ abl.} ...of
dubius -a -um - doubtful
excelsus -a -um - high/elevated/eminent
frigidus -a -um - cold/chilly
gratus -a -um - pleasant/pleasing/grateful/thankful
humanus -a -um - human/humane/kindly/civilised/cultured/refined
improvisus -a -um - unexpected/unforeseen
incertus -a -um - uncertain/doubtful
invalidus -a -um - infirm/feeble
iratus -a -um - angry
iucundus -a -um - agreeable/pleasant/gratifying
iustus -a -um - righteous/upright/lawful/equitable/due/proper
laetus -a -um - glad/joyful
latus -a -um - broad/wide
longus -a -um - long/tedious
magnus -a -um - big/great/large/loud
malus -a -um - bad/evil/wicked
meus -a -um - my
mortuus -a -um - dead
multus -a -um - much
nocturnus -a -um - by night/nightly
novus -a -um - new/strange/unusual
nudus -a -um - bare/naked/despoiled/stipped/unadorned
otiosus -a -um - at leisure/unemployed
parvus -a -um - small/little
paucus -a -um - few
plenus -a -um - full
purus -a -um - clean/bright/clear/pure/unadorned/chaste/undefiled
siccus -a -um - dry
+solus -a -um - only alone/the only/lonely/deserted(place)
suus -a -um - his/her/its/their
summus -a -um - uppermost/highest/topmost
+totus -a -um - all/the whole/entire/total
tuus -a -um - your
verus -a -um - true/genuine/real
veterus -a -um - old/ancient
vivus -a -um - alive/living/natural/ (of water) running

3rd declension adjectives

A1) Three terminations
acer acr-is -e sharp/keen
celeber celebr-is -e crowded/populus/famous
celer celer-is -e - swift/fast
september septembr-is -e of September
october octobr-is -e of October
november novembr-is -e of November
december decembr-is -e of December

A2) Two terminations
brevis -is -e - short
civilis -is -e - civic/civil
communis -is -e - common/shared by all/general
credibilis -is -e - believable
crudelis -is -e - cruel
difficilis -is -e - difficult/hard
dulcis -is -e - sweet
facilis -is -e - easy/easy to deal with/affable/good
fertilis -is -e - fertile
fidelis -is -e - faithful
fortis -is -e - brave/powerful/strong
hostilis -is -e - enemy's/hostile
humilis -is -e - low
inutilis -is -e - useless
iuvenis -is -e - young
lenis -is -e - soft/gentle/mild
levis -is -e - light/nimble/light
mirabilis -is -e - marvellous/wonderful
mitis -is -e - mellow/gentle/mild
omnis -is -e - all/every
stabilis -is -e - firm/steadfast/steady
suavis -is -e - pleasant/sweet
tristis -is -e - sad/saddening/bitter/mournful/gloomy/harsh/morose
turpis -is -e - ugly/unsightly/base/disgraceful/shameful
viridis -is -e - green/blooming/fresh

A3) One termination
adolescens adolescent-is - young man/ coming to maturity
audax audac-is - bold/daring
clemens clement-is - gentle/mild/merciful
concors concord-is - harmonious
diligens diligent-is - careful
evidens evident-is - obvious/apparent/manifest/plain/clear
expers expert-is - without share in/devoid of/free from
felix felic-is - fruitful/fortunate/lucky
imprudens imprudent-is - lacking foresight/off one's guard
innocens innocent-is - harmless/guiltless/innocent
inops inop-is - resourceful/helpless/needy/destitute
memor memor-is - mindful/remembering
mendax mendac-is - lying/counterfeit/false
occidens occident-is - western/connected with sunset or to the evening
omnipotens omnipotent-is - almighty/omnipotent/the Almighty
oriens orient-is - eastern/rising
pars par-is - equal
potens potent-is - powerful/having power over [w gn]
praesens praesent-is - present/immediate/effective/present to aid
prudens prudent-is - discreet/sensible [w gn]/experienced in/practised in
recens recent-is - fresh/new/recent
sagax sagac-is - shrewd/sagacious/intellectually quick/acute/wise
sapiens sapient-is - sensible/wise
simplex simplic-is - simple/single/plain/uncompounded/unmixed
sitiens sitient-is - thirsty/dry
uber uber-is - abounding/rich/full/abundant/copious

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