1) demanding accusative case -
ad: to
infra: below
inter: among
iuxta: close to
extra: outside
post: after
per: through
supra: over
2) demanding ablative case - a: from
absque: without
cum: with
de: about
e: out of
ex: out of
pro: on behalf of
sine: without
3) demanding either accusative or ablative case - in: into(acc.); in(abl.)
sub: down into(acc.); under(abl.)
super: above(acc.); on(abl.)

ecce: look
o: oh
prō: alas

autem: but, moreover, indeed
enim: of course
et: and
nam: for
sed: but
si: if

adverb & conjunction
dum: while, yet
nec: and not
neque: and not
simul: together, as soon as
tum: then
vel: or, even
ut: as, so that

bene: well
bis: twice
altius: higher
breve: briefly
cito: quickly
etiam: also
ita: so
itaque: and so
iterum: again
latine: in Latin
leniter: slowly
male: badly
minime: least
mox: presently
non: not
nondum: not yet
parum: scarcely
paulatim: gradually
quam: very,
quomodo: how
quoque: also, too
raro: rarely
recte: rightly
retrorsum: backwards
saepe: often
satis: enough
semper: always
suāviter: pleasantly
tam: so much
tantum: so much
ubi: where
vehementius: more strongly