Architectural styles

Classical architecture 600 BC-323 AD
Ancient Greek architecture 776-265 BC
Roman architecture 753 BC–663 AD

Byzantine architecture 527 (Sofia)-1520
Islamic Architecture 691-present

Pre-Romanesque architecture c. 700-1000 Western Europe
Romanesque architecture 1000-1300
Norman architecture 1074-1250

Gothic architecture
Early English Period c. 1190—c. 1250
Decorated Period c.1290–c.1350
Perpendicular Period c. 1350–c. 1550
Rayonnant Gothic 1240-c. 1350, France, Germany, Central Europe
Flamboyant Gothic 1400-1500, Spain, France, Portugal
Brick Gothic c. 1350–c. 1400
Isabelline Gothic 1474-1505 (reign) Spain
Manueline 1495-1521 (reign) Portugal & colonies

Renaissance architecture c. 1425-1600 Western Europe, American colonies
Tudor architecture 1485–1603
Spanish Colonial architecture 1520s–c. 1820s New World, East Indies, other colonies

Baroque architecture c. 1600-1750 Western Europe, the Americas

Gothic Revival architecture 1760s–today

Victorian architecture 1837 and 1901 UK

Romanesque Revival architecture 1840–1930s USA

Neo-Manueline 1840s-1910s Portugal & Brazil