Questions on the Cathedral of Chartres

  • why did the builders of Gothic Chartres bother to expend such a huge amount of energy and skill not just on rebuilding but on changing it from the Romanesgue to the Gothic style?

  • Was it in response to changing fashion?

  • Was it a result of competition with other cities?

  • Was it an expression of the new urban independence from feudalism and the affluence it brought?

  • Was it the need for a larger sanctuary to cope with the new epoch of spiritual zeal?

  • Given that the answer was probably a combination of each of these, the question still remains, where did the Gothic style itself come from, and why was it so important?

  • Did it emerge from the Romanesque world through the trial and error of inspired Norman and Burgundian masons?

  • Was it the result of indigenous genius or did it come from somewhere else?

  • Was it imported and, if so, from where?
Source: Chartres - Sacred Geometry, Sacred Space: Gordon Strachan, 2003.