[Fish] Session 3 (Feb 02, 2012)

Founding the Hong Kong Mission

* Procura

Procurators in China of Propaganda Fide:
1837-1842: Theodor Joset (1837 in Macao, 1842 in Hong Kong)
1842-1855: Antonio Feliciani, OFM
1855-1867: Luigi Ambrosi
1867-1874: John T. Raimondi, MEM
1874-1892: Giuseppe Burghignoli, MEM
1892-1904: Luigi Piazzoli, MEM

Connection with Rome:
orthodox and orthopraxis, material and human resources

* Establishing an Apostolic prefecture in 1841

Ordinaries of the Catholic Mission, Hong Kong:
1841-1842: Theodor Joset, Prefect Apostolic
1842-1847: Antonio Feliciani,OFM, Pro-prefect Apostolic
1847 -1&50: Auguste Forcade, MEP, Pro-prefect Apostolic
1850-1856: Antonio Feliciani,OFM, Pro-Prefect Apostolic
1855-1867: Luigi Ambrosi, Prefect Apostolic
1867-1868: John T. Raimondi,MEM, Pro-Prefect Apostolic
1868-1874: John T. Raimondi,MEM, Prefect Apostolic
1874-1894: John T. Raimondi,MEM, Vicar Apostolic

Avoiding the Portuguese influence:
Macau, competing with Protestantism

* J.T. Raimondi

A pioneer:
firm and ambitious

* Building churches

Physical presence and protection of the:
Portuguese - Immaculate Conception Church, 1842
Chinese - St. Francis Church, 1858
Irish - St. Joseph Church, 1874

* Became an Apostolic vicariate in 1874

A matter of status:
led by a bishop

Recommended reading:
Chapters Four and Nine, "The Foundation of the Catholic Mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894"
Chapters 1-7, "The Story of a Hundred Years".