[Fish] Session 2 (Jan 19, 2010)

Missionary groups

* Monks, friars, religious, missionaries, priests, brothers (修道,團體,聖職,傳教)

Various needs and charismata:
asceticism, service, community, expansion, structure, lay and religious

* Missionaries from Propaganda Fide (地區教會,宗座牧區)

Change of political climate:
breaking the padroado 1663 MEP, procurator 1705, pontifical mission 1850

* Franciscans (託管)

Different intent:
destination, expertise

* Foreign Mission of Paris (分治)

Nurturing pastoral potentiality:
Japan, Canton

* Foreign Mission of Milan (交託)

New start:
commission, expansion

* Benedictine, Dominicans, La Salle Brothers (外援)

Peripheral function:
spirituality, trading, teaching

Recommended reading: Chapter Five, "The Foundation of the Catholic Mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894"
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