Edfu Temple

Edfu Temple as a cult centre for Horus

Edfu Inscription "To let the sistrum shine forth"

(A - The king speaks):
"Thy sistrum for thee, thou Mighty one with the great flame, Shining one, will quench your ire."
(B - description):
"... Ptol. IX. ..., he grasps the naos sistrum, seizes the arch sistrum and dispells the anger of the Eye-of-Re (Hathor). He is like the musician of the Golden one, ..., who plays the sistrum for his mother to her heart's desire."
(C - result):
"The goddess of Edfu has appeared in Edfu ..., she restrains her wrath, becomes full of joy again and expells her majesty's raging. She is the Mistress-of-joy as soon as she beholds the sistrum, the Splendid one who loves music."

sistrum (rattle)

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